An American actress, famous for her roles in romantic comedy films such as ''SleeplessInSeattle'', ''WhenHarryMetSally'', and ''You've Got Mail''. Born in 1961.

!!Films starred in:
* ''Film/TopGun''
* ''WhenHarryMetSally''
* ''JoeVersusTheVolcano''
* ''SleeplessInSeattle''
* ''I.Q.''
* ''Film/CityOfAngels''
* ''YouveGotMail''
* ''Film/AddictedToLove''
* ''KateAndLeopold''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}''
* ''[[Film/TheDeal2008 The Deal]]''

!!Has appeared in:
* "CurbYourEnthusiasm"
* "CaptainPlanet"
!!This actress' roles provide examples of:

* TropeCodifier: For many, Meg Ryan IS the romantic comedy genre in movies.
* UnkemptBeauty: Her character's usually sport a somewhat messy hairstyle. This doesn't detract her beauty in the slightest.