[[caption-width-right:350:[[ClusterFBomb "Fucking"]] and [[CountryMatters "Cunt"]] are his middle names.]]

Martin [=McDonagh=] (born 26 March 1970) is an award-winning, English-born Irish playwright, screenwriter and director best known for The Leenane Trilogy, ''Theatre/TheLieutenantOfInishmore'' and the Oscar-nominated 2008 film ''Film/InBruges''. Jumping between both theatre and film frequently, several of his notable works include:

* '''The Leenane Trilogy''' (1996-1997), which consists of ''The Beauty Queen of Leenane'', ''A Skull in Connemara'', and ''The Lonesome West''. The first and third earned him Tony Award nominations.
* '''The Aran Islands Trilogy''' (1996-2001), which consists of ''The Cripple of Inishmaan'', ''Theatre/TheLieutenantOfInishmore'', and the unproduced ''The Banshees of Inisheer''. The second also got him a Tony Award nomination.
* '''Other plays''': ''Theater/ThePillowman'' (2001), wherein a writer is interrogated when the murder-based short stories he writes come true; and ''A Behanding in Spokane'' (2010), which follows a man trying to find the left hand he lost twenty-five years ago. ''Behanding'' starred Creator/ChristopherWalken, who was nominated for a Best Actor Tony.
* '''Short films''': ''Film/SixShooter'' (2004), a short film which involves a train passenger, coping with his wife's recent death, speaking with a very eccentric and possibly psychotic man. The film won [=McDonagh=] an Oscar for Best Short Film.
* '''Feature films''': ''Film/InBruges'' (2008), a BlackComedy which follows two Irish hitmen hiding in Belgium following a hit that went wrong; ''Film/SevenPsychopaths'' (2012), which follows [[AuthorAvatar screenwriter Marty]] trying write a script, only to draw unwanted inspiration when dragged into a dog-kidnapping; and ''Film/ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri'' (2017), which follows a mother's crusade against her town's police force over her daughter's unsolved murder. ''Bruges'' won [=McDonagh=] the "Best Original Screenplay" BAFTA, and earned starring actor Colin Farrell a "Best Actor" Golden Globe, ''Psychopaths'' starred an EnsembleCast and has become somewhat of a CultClassic and ''Missouri'' won Best Screenplay at the 2017 Venice Film Festival.

[=McDonagh's=] works are easily recognized by being (generally) [[BloodyHilarious violent]] [[BlackComedy black comedies]] that focus on [[DysfunctionalFamily dysfunctional families]], [[HitmanWithAHeart hired killers]], and/or a uniquely twisted form of SmallTownBoredom. Expect ''[[ClusterFBomb incredibly]]'' [[CountryMatters colourful]] [[BuffySpeak language]], and (in theatre at least) settings in (or near) County Galway (and surrounding islands) during UsefulNotes/TheTroubles.

Further, his brother, John Michael [=McDonagh=], made his directorial debut with ''Film/TheGuard'' (which Martin produced) in 2011, and also released ''Film/{{Calvary}}'' in 2014. Like ''Six Shooter'' and ''Film/InBruges'', they both star Creator/BrendanGleeson.

!!Martin [=McDonagh's=] work contains examples of:

* BlackComedy
* BloodyHilarious
* BrickJoke: the apparent feud between the unseen owners of a cat and a goose; Helen being hired to dispose of said animals; the owners not seeming to care about the feud anymore (because it was a cover to their SecretRelationship).
* BuryYourDisabled: deconstructed in ''Cripple''
* ChekhovsGun: Very prominent examples exist, so much so they alone act as a RewatchBonus. For example, the page for ''Film/InBruges'' notes how almost all the minor conversation act as {{foreshadowing}} for something to come.
* ClusterFBomb: Written works tend to have gratuitous amounts of bad language, so much so that characters from ''In Bruges'' [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]] Harry punctuating his sentences with "fucking."
* CoveredInGunge: Bartley in ''Cripple'' gets at least three eggs cracked over his head every performance
* CreatorBreakdown: InUniverse in ''The Pillowman''
* DisabledCharacterDisabledActor: This trope is [[DiscussedTrope discussed]] InUniverse in ''Cripple''; the concept is PlayedWith in several ways, although the actor playing Billy is almost always able-bodied.
* TheDocumentary: "Man of Aran," a real 1934 ([[VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory docudrama]]) film.
* EconomyCast: Whilst expected of his theatre pieces, ''In Bruges'' and ''Seven Psychopaths'' follow suit as, save for a handful of speaking extras, the plot tends to focus entirely on the lives of six or seven main characters.
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks: A shark is hunted in "Man of Aran" and is apparently how Johnnypateenmike's father died. The widow turns the other cheek. To a shark!
* EvilMatriarch: Mag is the first type in ''Beauty Queen''.
* FakingTheDead: [=McDonagh=] LOVES this and its various subtropes. In the Aran Islands plays, it's a specific {{Homage}} to ''Theatre/ThePlayboyOfTheWesternWorld''.
* {{Gorn}}: Between the blood, gore, and kitty brain matter in ''[[Theatre/TheLieutenantOfInishmore Lieutenant]]''; hot oil in ''Beauty Queen''; flying bone chips in ''A Skull in Connemara''; and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking raw eggs]] in ''Cripple'', it seems like [=McDonagh=] is off his game if he hasn't created a hideous mess for stage management to clean up every night.
* GossipyHens: rare male example in Johnnypateenmike, who is barters tidbits of information for goods from local merchants.
* [[HonoraryUncle Honorary Aunts]]: Kate and Eileen to Billy.
* IncurableCoughOfDeath: DoubleSubversion in ''Cripple.''
* KnowledgeBroker: Johnnypateenmike
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: "Better to cast a normal fella who can act crippled, than a crippled fella who can't act at all."
* MametSpeak: Dialogue can be realistically clumsy, irregularly paced, and very frequently dips into vulgar.
-->'''Ken''': You don't even know we're here hiding out.\\
'''Ray''': What are you talking about?\\
'''Ken''': You don't even know we're not here on a job.\\
'''Ray''': What, on a job?\\
'''Ken''': Yeah.\\
'''Ray''': Here? Film/{{In Bruges}}?\\
'''Ken''': Yeah.\\
'''Ray''': Here? In Bruges? On a job?\\
'''Ken''': Yeah.\\
'''Ray''': Why? What did he actually say?\\
'''Ken''': He didn't actually say anything.\\
'''Ray''': Then why do you think it might be?\\
'''Ken''': I don't think anything. But it's a bit fucking over-elaborate, isn't it? ''"Go take him to hide out." "Go take him to hide out where?" "Go take him to hide out in fucking Bruges."'' You can hide out in Croydon.\\
'''Ray''': Hmm. Or Coventry. Hmm. It is a bit over-elaborate. Hmm.
* MaybeEverAfter: Billy and Slippy Helen in ''Cripple.'' FridgeBrilliance kicks in when you realize siblings Mairead and Davy in ''[[Theatre/TheLieutenantOfInishmore Lieutenant]]'' share a last name with Billy Claven (established to have no living relatives) and many personality traits with Helen and her brother Bartley. [[DownerEnding That is, if Billy lives much longer after the play]].
* MommyIssues: Maureen in ''Beauty Queen''-- and ''how!''
* NeverLiveItDown: InUniverse: Auntie Katie, who talks to ''stones.''
* {{Oireland}} / NWordPrivileges: Early is his career, [=McDonagh=] received criticism for his depiction of the Irish, being born and raised in England himself.
* OnlySaneMan: He's an alcoholic mess, but Father Welsh in The Leenane Trilogy is pretty much the only one in the village to [[spoiler: never kill anyone]].
* ThePlace: All the plays in the Leenane and Aran Islands Trilogies feature a place-name or direction in their titles. ''A Behanding in Spokane'' and ''Film/InBruges'' also qualify.
* PrecisionFStrike: From, [[CrowningMomentofFunny hilariously]], a little girl in ''The Pillowman.''
-->"I don't want to be ''like'' Jesus. ''I fucking '''am''' Jesus''!"
* ProsceniumReveal: [[spoiler: Cripple Billy]]'s death scene early in Act 2 is revealed to have been his Hollywood screen test.
* RepetitiveName: Katurian K Katurian in ''The Pillowman''. [[note]]In case you were wondering, the K stands for Katurian.[[/note]]
* RuleOfFunny: "Let's play England and Ireland!" [[CoveredInGunge *egg to the head*]]
* RunningGag: In ''Cripple'': "Ireland can't be so bad if [[[MadLibsCatchPhrase American, French, colored fellows]], [[ItMakesSenseInContext sharks]]] want to move here!"
* SeinfeldianConversation
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: Pretty Damn Cynical
* StrangeSyntaxSpeaker: Most everyone, especially older characters. It's essentially what you would get if you crossed Hiberno-English with MametSpeak. The style was so distinctive it was parodied "How Are Things In Irish Drama?", the ''Theatre/ForbiddenBroadway'' take on ''Beauty Queen''.
* TheXOfY: Several titles