->'''Wayne''': Yeah, I thought Mark Wahlberg was [[EvenTheGuysWantHim super]]-[[StupidSexyFlanders sexy]] in this, [[ShirtlessScene especially with his shirt off]].
->'''Garth''': What?
->'''Wayne''': [[DidIJustSayThatOutLoud I'm sorry, that was an inside thought.]]

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg (June 5, 1971-) is an American actor and former musician. After a troubled youth that saw numerous brushes with Johnny Law, Wahlberg's older brother Donnie (of the Music/NewKidsOnTheBlock) arranged an entry-point into the music business (though personal agreements made him decide against permanently joining the New Kids). Now styling himself as Marky Mark (accompanied by the Funky Bunch), Wahlberg became a rap star. Their most successful single was "Good Vibrations" (not to be confused with the Music/BeachBoys song). This period in his career is often regarded as being rather {{Narm}}y, even by fans and Wahlberg himself. By the mid-1990s, he began to make the transition into acting, and became an even bigger success than before, both commercially and, with his role in ''Film/BoogieNights'', critically. He even earned an [[UsefulNotes/AcademyAward Oscar]] nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in ''Film/TheDeparted''.

He has also served as the executive producer of ''Series/{{Entourage}}'' which is loosely based on his experiences as an up-and-coming actor. He was also an executive producer of ''Series/BoardwalkEmpire'', and he appears in the A&E series ''Wahlburgers'', which focuses on his brother Paul's efforts to expand his restaurant business in Boston.

!! The films of Mark Wahlberg include:

* ''Film/{{Fear}}'' (1996)
* ''The Basketball Diaries'' (1996)
* ''Film/BoogieNights'' (1997)
* ''Film/TheBigHit'' (1998)
* ''Film/ThreeKings'' (1999)
* ''Film/ThePerfectStorm'' (2000)
* ''Film/{{Planet of the Apes|2001}}'' (2001)
* ''Film/RockStar'' (2001)
* ''Film/{{The Italian Job|2003}}'' (2003)
* ''Film/IHeartHuckabees'' (2004)
* ''Film/TheDeparted'' (2006)
* ''Invincible'' (2006)
* ''Film/{{Shooter}}'' (2007)
* ''Film/MaxPayne'' (2008)
* ''Film/TheHappening'' (2008)
* ''Film/TheLovelyBones'' (2009)
* ''Film/DateNight'' (2010)
* ''Film/TheOtherGuys'' (2010)
* ''Film/TheFighter'' (2010)
* ''Contraband'' (2012)
* ''{{Film/Ted}}'' (2012)
* ''Broken City'' (2013)
* ''Film/PainAndGain'' (2013)
* ''Film/TwoGuns'' (2013)
* ''Literature/LoneSurvivor'' (2013)
* ''Film/TransformersAgeOfExtinction'' (2014)
* ''Film/TheGambler'' (2014)
* ''Film/{{Ted 2}}'' (2015)
!! Tropes in Mark Wahlberg's acting work:

* ActorAllusion: There is some self-lampooning in regard to Wahlberg's musical past in ''Rock Star'': During the credits, his character says he'll leave rock and attempt to do rap. While "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark is playing in the background.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He had over 20 run ins with the Boston police as a youth, developed a cocaine addiction at age 13, and spent time in prison for nearly beating a man to death.
* {{Motormouth}}: One of his favorite acting moves. Watch his movies, you'll see it.
* MrFanservice: He made great use of his terrific physique to get his career off the ground, most famously in ads for Calvin Klein.
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: Possibly wisely, Wahlberg makes no attempt to alter his native accent, and just talks like the {{Southie|s}} he is, even when his characters are supposed to be from [[Film/FourBrothers Chicago]] or [[Film/{{Shooter}} Wyoming]], for instance.
* ShirtlessScene: Frequently. Lampooned a bit in ''Date Night'', where he is shirtless in every scene he's in.
* TripleNipple: He's got one, but it doesn't detract from being MrFanservice; he's even called it his "prized possession".