[[RecordedAndStandUpComedy Stand-up comedian]], actress, activist, blogger, and musician Margaret Cho was born Moran Cho in 1968 to a Korean family in California. Her routines often talk about her bisexuality, sexuality in general, Asian-American stereotypes and politics. She had a short-lived sitcom called ''Series/AllAmericanGirl'' based on her life as a second generation Korean-American. The show is known for featuring the first Asian-American family on prime-time tv. She currently plays Terri on the Creator/{{Lifetime}} series ''DropDeadDiva''. She also lends her voice to the stop-motion comedy ''[[RickAndSteve Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World]]''. Was once on ''DancingWithTheStars'', but was eliminated in the third round. She released a music comedy album, ''Cho Dependent'', in 2010.

'''''HUGE''''' gay following. We're talkin' second JudyGarland here. It helps that Cho has been quite open about her love for gays for her entire career.

!!Provides the page quotes for:
* AsianBabymama
* AsianStoreOwner
* RaceTropes
* RecycledSet
* WrongInsultOffence

!!Tropes in her work:

* AllWomenArePrudes -- In ''Series/AllAmericanGirl'', her character was written to turn down sex at every opportunity, even in cases where she herself would have consented. Cho found this annoying, as the show was based on her.
** Ms. Cho herself averts this trope to hell and back. "Slut pride!"
--> "I want morning-after pills more than over-the-counter; I want morning-after pills with my check at dinner. I want morning-after pills on my pillow before I go to bed."
* AsianRudeness -- Her mother, but brought up in an affectionate manner.
* BeautifulAllAlong -- in the semi-autobiographical ''Bam-Bam & Celeste''
* BerserkButton -- The "Hong Kong Phooey" [[UsefulNotes/{{Fonts}} font]], that stereotypically Asian typeface used to advertise anything remotely Asiatic. In ''I'm The One That I Want'', she talked about how she once yelled at a passing driver for having that on a bumper sticker ("This car was made with tools, not chopsticks"), forcing him into the wrong lane.
** Fat-shaming is another peeve of hers.
* BiTheWay -- Her bisexuality is a frequent topic in her comedy.
* BilingualBackfire -- Inverted. While promoting ''Series/AllAmericanGirl,'' she appeared on a morning talk show for a local station that was recently bought out by Disney. At the end of the interview segment, the host, in a CriticalResearchFailure, asked Cho to tell the people at home "in [her] native language" that they were changing over to an ABC affiliate. As Cho was born and raised in California and is actually not fluent in Korean, she simply looked at the camera and curtly said in plain English, "They're changing over to an ABC affiliate."
* ClusterFBomb -- Her own swearing is average for a raunchy comedian, but she loves telling the story of a profanity-laden hatemail she got after criticizing then-president GeorgeWBush. It ''started'' with "GOOK CHINK CUNT FAT DYKE!" and got even more poetic from there.
* CowboyBebopAtHisComputer: She once ranted about how HelloKitty doesn't have a mouth and is unable to speak, as if telling little girls they shouldn't have voices. Except she does have a mouth, it's just small and is only drawn when she's ''speaking.''
* DreamTeam -- On ''Cho Dependent'', Margaret collaborated with indie/alternative musicians like Fiona Apple, TeganAndSara, and AniDiFranco.
* FluffyFashionFeathers -- Inspired by Cher and {{Bjork}}, Margaret once wore an outlandish peacock dress to the Grammy Awards. While she didn't win the Grammy she was up for, she ''was'' named Worst Dressed by various {{fashion magazine}}s. This was met with cheers, since it came after a rant on how everybody at award shows dress the same, and the ones named Worst Dressed are really the best since they created their own look.
--> "If you win a Grammy, you beat out, what, four or five people? If you win Worst Dressed, you beat out ''15,000 people.'' I beat out Mary J. Blige! I beat out Lil' Kim!"
* MistakenForForeigner: Often directed at her when people assume she herself is an immigrant.
-->"I can't go back to my 'home country.' I was born and raised in San Francisco; I'm IN my home country!"
* NWordPrivileges -- Large debate as to whether or not she has these when she pokes fun at Asian and/or LGBT culture. One's view on the debate often makes the difference between loving her and hating her.
* PsychoticLover -- her song "I'm sorry." is a GenderFlip of a RealLife male example.
* RealityIsUnrealistic -- Her biggest bone of contention with the producers of ''Series/AllAmericanGirl'' was how she was forced to lose weight for her role. ''[[CompletelyMissingThePoint To play herself.]]''
* SitComic -- her sitcom, ''Series/AllAmericanGirl''
* StopBeingStereotypical -- She's gotten this from (many non-Asian) critics. Also, inverted by [[{{MoralGuardians}} some conservative elements]] within the Asian/Korean American community who would [[{{PositiveDiscrimination}} prefer]] a [[{{YamatoNadeshiko}} more "traditional" image of Asians]] in the media. This was the reason the "Asian Consultant" was hired and manages to be a topic of great ire for her today.
-->"Someone once asked me if I think I'm embarrassing my Korean family. I'd embarrass ''any'' family!" ([[BrickJoke mimics driving home with one finger off the wheel after fingering a guy during oral sex]])
** She herself had this reaction as an insecure teenager when the Asian Student Alliance at her high school was passing out flyers and asked if she wanted to join:
-->"And I said, 'Eh, I'm Asian enough (nervous laughter). '''Did it HAVE to be on YELLOW PAPER?! Oh my GOD you guys!''''"
* WrongInsultOffense: She points out that calling her a chink is technically incorrect since that's a Chinese slur, and the "proper" ethnic slur against a Korean would be "gook." Also, calling her a fat dyke is pointless:
-->"That just means I eat fried chicken ''and'' pussy!"

!!Tropes she deconstructs in her comedy routines:

* AsianAirhead
* AsianBabymama
* AsianAndNerdy
* AsianRudeness
* BrainsAndBondage
* DragonLady
* DragQueen
* HollywoodPudgy [[invoked]]
* QueerAsTropes (all of them)
* SassyBlackWoman