Marc Forster (born 30 November 1969) is German film director and screenwriter. While he had been making independent films since the mid-90s, his [[BreakthroughHit breakthrough]] came in 2001 with Film/MonstersBall. In that film, he directed Haille Berry in a performance that would win her the oscar for best actress in a lead role. He gain further success as the director of Film/FindingNeverland.

He is the youngest person to date to direct a Franchise/JamesBond film (he was 38 when he started directing Film/QuantumOfSolace, beating the previous record holder Guy Hamilton who was 41 when he directed Film/{{Goldfinger}}). He also directed Film/WorldWarZ which to date remains [[Creator/BradPitt Brad Pitt's]] highest grossing film to date and the highest grossing zombie film in film history.

He is currently signed on to direct Film/ChristopherRobin, a film about the title character from Literature/WinnieThePooh who is now grown up and has lost his imagination.

* ''Film/{{Loungers}}'' (1995)
* ''Film/EverythingPutTogether'' (2000)
* ''Film/MonstersBall'' (2001)
* ''Film/FindingNeverland'' (2004)
* ''Film/{{Stay}}'' (2005)
* ''Film/StrangerThanFiction'' (2006)
* ''Literature/TheKiteRunner'' (2007)
* ''Film/QuantumOfSolace'' (2008)
* ''Film/MachineGunPreacher'' (2011)
* ''Film/WorldWarZ'' (2013)
* ''Film/ChristopherRobin'' (2018)