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Makoto Raiku is the Japanese {{Mangaka}} whose works have appeared in ''Magazine/ShonenSunday'' and ''Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine''. He started out as an assitant for Creator/KazuhiroFujita, working on ''Manga/UshioAndTora'', and eventually began publishing his own works.
* ''Manga/AnimalLand''
* ''Manga/{{Aosora}}''
* ''Manga/BirdMan''
* ''Manga/ClassRoom''
* ''Manga/GenmaiBlade''
* ''Manga/{{Grief Warrior Hero Ba-Ban}}''
* ''Manga/NewtownHeroes''
* ''Manga/OyajuRider''
* ''Manga/VectorBall''
* ''Manga/ZatchBell!''
!!Tropes associated with Raiku:
* AnimalisticAbomination: Raiku showed a slight interest in drawing giant scary monsters in Zatch Bell, and went on to draw more in that series' Gaiden chapter and his horror one-shot "Class Room". This interest blossomed into fascination in Animal Land, which is chock full of huge creepy things.
* ArtEvolution: The change between Zatch Bell and Animal Land is ''amazing''.
** And then it goes straight back into the weird style used to have, in Vector Ball.
* AuthorAvatar: As shown above.