The most commercially successful independent movie studio to date, this company is well-known for producing the ''Film/{{Saw}}'' and ''Film/{{Hostel}}'' series. Also produced movies such as ''Film/TheForbiddenKingdom'', ''Film/TheSpirit'', ''Film/AmericanPsycho'', the ''Film/{{Cube}}'' series, ''Fahrenheit 9/11'' by Creator/MichaelMoore and ''Film/TheFinal''. Originally founded in UsefulNotes/{{Vancouver}} by investor Frank Giustra, who named the company after the Lions Gate Bridge.

The company had been recently having financial issues due to a number of flops and a few hostile takeover attempts by famed corporate raider Carl Icahn (who has a history of buying floundering businesses and making things worse than before). Icahn dumped his one-third stake in Lionsgate in August, 2011 for $7 a share, a significant haircut after what turned out to be the roaring success of ''Film/TheHungerGames'', which has the makings of a CashCowFranchise with as many as three sequels coming in the next five years. In January 2012, Lions Gate acquired Creator/SummitEntertainment, the studio behind the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' film franchise, for $412.5 million.