Larry Correia is an author who loves his GunsAndGunplayTropes. A very knowledgeable individual on the subject, having written about them in several gun magazines and created at least one MemeticMutation on the subject, he's moved into the world of fiction. His first work being Literature/MonsterHunterInternational, which was self published before being adopted by BAEN. He is also OneOfUs with regard to TabletopGames.

A list of works and samples can be found [[ here,]] with his personal blog website [[ here, Monster Hunter Nation.]]

! Works by Larry Corriea.

* Literature/MonsterHunterInternational
* Literature/TheGrimnoirChronicles.
* Literature/DeadSix (With Creator/MikeKupari)
* Literature/SonOfTheBlackSword