UsefulNotes/{{Norw|ay}}egian author (1859-1952). Won the UsefulNotes/NobelPrizeInLiterature in 1920. Neo-romantic novelist, the only Norwegian author besides Creator/HenrikIbsen to achieve lasting international renown. Despised in his native country for supporting National Socialism during WWII and still a controversial figure because of this. Creator/ErnestHemingway supposedly once said that Hamsun taught him to write.

!!! Tropes connected to the works of Hamsun

* BrokenPedestal: Because of his friendly attitudes towards nazis during the war.
* CreatorProvincialism: Many of Hamsun`s books take place in Northern Norway - because he grew up there and knew the area quite well.
* LoveItOrHateIt: Seriously. Either, you adore the man´s way of writing, or you simply can´t stand him. His fanbase broke good and proper during his lifetime, and the war made it even worse.
* MagicalNegro: If this trope shows up, a Sami will do the part. Gilbert Lapp from ''Benoni'' is a dark example of this.
* SelfMadeMan: Hamsun spent some time in the US before he began his career as a writer. Although he detested the mentality he found there, this trope stuck, and he used it time and again.