Kieron Gillen (born 30 September, 1975) is a British comics writer and game journalist, known for his series ''ComicBook/{{Phonogram}}'' and several Marvel books, including ''Uncanny ComicBook/XMen'', ''ComicBook/JourneyIntoMystery'', ''ComicBook/IronMan'', ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers'', and ''ComicBook/StarWarsDarthVader''. He also helped found, and for a long while wrote for [[http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/ Rock, Paper, Shotgun]], and wrote the creator-owned mini-series ''ComicBook/{{Three}}''. Currently, he's writing the creator-owned titles ''ComicBook/{{Uber}}'', ''ComicBook/TheWickedAndTheDivine'', and ''ComicBook/MercuryHeat''. He will also write the introductory fiction for the second edition of ''TabletopGame/{{Scion}}''.

Many of his best-known works, including ''ComicBook/{{Phonogram}}'', ''Young Avengers'', and ''The Wicked and the Divine'', are collaborations with artist Creator/JamieMcKelvie.

Not to be confused with Creator/KarenGillan. [[http://kierongillen.tumblr.com/ He has a tumblr.]]
!!Tropes present in his works:
* AuthorAppeal:
** He's not shy about his love of pop music, and almost every title he's written has an "official" soundtrack. ''ComicBook/{{Phonogram}}'' is a love song to Britpop and ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers'' is full of pop culture and music references.
** He also has a real thing for very intelligent and very evil robots. Most of his non-Loki comics for Marvel feature them. (Even the Darth Vader one.)
** He is bisexual, and many of his works feature gay or bisexual male characters whose m/m sex lives are given just as much story prominence and fanservicey depiction as female lesbian or bisexual characters', in contrast to populist comics' usual [[GirlOnGirlIsHot fanboy-friendly]] bias towards depicting f/f erotic scenes.
* ShownTheirWork:
** ''ComicBook/{{Phonogram}}''. Both the original comics and the collected editions have a ''glossary'' in the back!
** ''ComicBook/{{Uber}}'' for which Gillen wrote a 25,000-word world bible. He notes he was so deep in research that at one point his German friends have found him with map of 1945 Berlin and pile of Nazi biographies, ''World At War'' on TV, and listening to Music/RichardWagner.
** Working on ''ComicBook/{{Three}}'' he is in close contact with a historian specializing in the period, to get it as accurate as possible.
** In ''ComicBook/YoungAvengers #3'', Billy at one point goes into detail about Norse Mythology, specifically the changes made to it by Marvel, such as Loki becoming Thor's adoptive brother and nemesis rather than his best friend. On Tumblr, Gillen admits that he would've had him go into more detail about his knowledge of Norse Mythology, but the scene would've dragged on.
* IncrediblyLamePun: This is pretty much what he uses Twitter for.
* ScrewYouElves: While Gillen is critical of many 'traditional fantasy' tropes, Elves are practically a BerserkButton to him:
--> ''Don't start me on Elves. My perennial bugbear. Elves are basically "What If Aryans were right about there being a master race?" '''Fucking Elves'''''
* SpiritualAntithesis: His creator-owned titles have a tendency to be explicit critiques of other works.
** In particular, ''ComicBook/{{Uber}}'' is a deconstruction of the "UsefulNotes/WorldWarII would have been '''awesome''' with [[StupidJetpackHitler superheroes]]" sub-genre.
** ''Comicbook/{{Three}}'' is an exposé of the actual brutality and inhumanity of the culture of ancient Sparta that was idealised in a certain famous graphic novel by Creator/FrankMiller, and its film adaptation.
** ''Comicbook/TheWickedAndTheDivine'' is, according to WordOfGod, a deliberate self-Spiritual Antithesis to ''Comicbook/{{Phonogram}}'' - ''Phonogram'' was about the relationship that fans have to recorded music with the actual artist being [[DeathOfTheAuthor wholly irrelevant]], while ''The Wicked and the Divine'' is completely about the relationship between fan and artist and fans as would-be artists.