[[caption-width-right:300:Behold [[{{Creator/Netflix}} internet television's]] [[Series/HouseOfCardsUS greatest villain.]]]]

->''"I never had a back up plan."''
-->- Kevin Spacey on starting his acting career.

Kevin Spacey (born 1959) is an acclaimed American actor. Though he claims to be a theater actor at heart and always puts the stage before the screen, he has starred in countless films, such as his role as sadistic boss Buddy Ackerman in ''Film/SwimmingWithSharks'', handicapped small-time criminal Verbal Kint in ''Film/TheUsualSuspects'' (winning the AcademyAward for Best Supporting Actor), midlife-crisis-sufferer Lester Burnham in ''Film/AmericanBeauty'' (winning the AcademyAward for Best Actor), a [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane mental patient who may well be an extraterrestrial]] in ''Film/KPax'', the ruthless supervillain SelfDemonstrating/LexLuthor in ''Film/SupermanReturns'' (in which he was reunited with ''Usual Suspects'' director Creator/BryanSinger), suave detective Jack Vincennes in ''Film/LAConfidential'', an MIT math professor turned Blackjack hustler in ''Film/TwentyOne'', and legendary American singer-songwriter Bobby Darrin in the biopic ''Beyond The Sea'', a film which he also directed, produced and co-wrote. Since 2013, he is starring in the Netflix original series ''Series/{{House of Cards|US}}'' as the morally ambiguous congressman Francis Underwood.

In addition to his dramatic and comedic roles, Spacey is well-known as [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKKDKAKNH-k one of the best impressionists in Hollywood, as demonstrated on]] ''Inside The Actor's Studio'' and his multiple ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' appearances.

* ''Film/GlengarryGlenRoss'' (1992) -- John Williamson
* ''Film/TheRef'' (1994) -- Lloyd Chasseur
* ''Film/SwimmingWithSharks'' (1994) -- Buddy Ackerman
* ''Film/{{Outbreak}}'' (1995) -- Casey Schuler
* ''Film/{{Se7en}}'' (1995) -- John Doe
* ''Film/TheUsualSuspects'' (1995) -- Verbal Kint
* ''Film/ATimeToKill'' (1996) -- D.A. Rufus Buckley
* ''Film/LAConfidential'' (1997) -- Jack Vincennes
* ''Film/TheNegotiator'' (1998) -- Chris Sabian
* ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife'' (1998) -- Hopper (voice)
* ''Film/AmericanBeauty'' (1999) -- Lester Burnham
* ''Film/PayItForward'' (2000) -- Eugene Simonet
* ''Film/KPax'' (2001) -- Prot
* ''Film/TheLifeOfDavidGale'' (2003) -- David Gale
* ''Film/SupermanReturns'' (2006) -- Lex Luthor
* ''Film/TwentyOne'' (2008) -- Mickey Rosa
* ''Film/{{Moon}}'' (2009) -- GERTY (voice)
* ''Film/TheMenWhoStareAtGoats'' (2009) -- Larry Hooper
* ''Film/HorribleBosses'' (2011) -- Dave Harken
* ''Elvis and Nixon'' (2015) -- UsefulNotes/RichardNixon

* ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS'' (2013+) -- Francis Underwood