Ken Kesey was a writer best known for penning ''Literature/OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest'' (which was adapted into the award-winning film of the same name), as well as the less famous but equally lauded Pacific Northwestern epic, ''Sometimes a Great Notion'' (which was itself adapted into a film starring and directed by PaulNewman).

If that's all you know about Ken Kesey, though... you're in for [[Music/TheGratefulDead a long, strange trip]].

To some, Ken Kesey's crowning achievement is not the composition of two classic 20th century novels, but instead his leadership of the [[NewAgeRetroHippie Merry Pranksters]] and his role in the spread of [[TheSixties late-1960s]] psychedelia[[note]]Both the culture and the drugs.[[/note]]. Ideal places to find information on the adventures of Kesey and the Pranksters are ''The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'' by Tom Wolfe, and to a lesser extent ''Hell's Angels'' by HunterSThompson and the poem "First Party at Ken Kesey's with Hell's Angels" by Creator/AllenGinsberg.

He was recently caricatured in ''Film/AcrossTheUniverse'' as "Doctor Robert."

!!Tropes associated with him include:

* EverybodyMustGetStoned
* HippieBus: Kesey and the Merry Pranksters toured in a bus (actually several buses over the years), named 'Furthur', and helped to publicize the idea of hippies in converted schoolbuses.
%%* NewAgeRetroHippie
* TheOtherRainforest: ''Sometimes a Great Notion'' is a "burly," "brawling" novel about a family of loggers in Kesey's home state of Oregon. Regarded as the "''Literature/MobyDick'' of the Pacific Northwest," it is SomethingCompletelyDifferent from ''One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest''.