Karen Traviss is a British author who specializes in science fiction.

Although she has a superb writing style, her novels for science fiction franchises tend to be [[BaseBreaker violently divisive]], since [[WriterOnBoard her personal opinions on the franchise tend to bleed into her writing]], sometimes causing her books to go against previously established canon. As such, she is often an infamous figure in science fiction circles.
!!Books written by her:
* ''Bloodlines'' from ''LegacyOfTheForce''
* ''Literature/RepublicCommandoSeries''
* ''Revelation'' from ''Legacy Of The Force''
* ''Sacrifice'' from ''Legacy Of The Force''
* The ''{{Gears of War}}'' novels
* The Kilo-Five Trilogy of ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' novels
** ''Literature/HaloGlasslands''
** ''Literature/HaloTheThursdayWar''
** ''Literature/HaloMortalDictata''
** ''Literature/HaloEvolutions (anthology, wrote the short story ''Human Weakness'')