->''"I kill people in this movie. I know, it's a stretch."''
-->-- ''Exit 33'' Commentary


Kane Hodder is a stuntman who also has done some acting roles, most famously in ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' films as Jason Voorhees.

He has notably stated he can vomit on command. He was also a guest investigator in ''Series/GhostAdventures''.
!!Tropes applicable to the man:

* AwesomeMcCoolname: Seriously, just say it out loud. ''Kane Hodder''.
* BadAss: The man survived a horrific motorcycle accident that left him with massive third-degree burns and subsequent botched recovery (it's why he works with burn victims - he knows what it was like).
* BeardOfEvil: Conveniently sports one, much like fellow go to film villain actor, Creator/TimCurry.
* {{Juggalo}}: He even has a modified version of the "Hatchet Man" logo on his forearm, replacing the Hatchet with a [[MacheteMayhem machete]].
* RealLife/MeanCharacterNiceActor: Reported to be a friendly man, who works with children at burn centers, and also quite kind and amicable towards his fans in conventions and the like.
* NameOfCain: Pretty amusing for the guy who's most well known role is a serial killer.
* StuntDouble: His main job, though often he's one of the lead roles in his slasher films.
* {{Squick}}: He can ''vomit on command''.
** At one point he decided to go into detail about this in the audio commentary for ''Film/FridayThe13thPartVIIIJasonTakesManhattan''. He mentions that the scene where Jason vomits was done by him [[NauseaFuel drinking a gallon of water an hour before the shoot and regurgitating what was left during the scene]].
* {{Troll}}: He once used his Jason costume to scare a man between shots in ''Film/FridayThe13thPartVIITheNewBlood''.

!!Selected filmography:

* ''Film/{{Alligator}}'' (1980) -- The alligator.
* ''Film/CityLimits'' (1984) -- DA.
* ''Film/AvengingForce'' (1986) -- Thug.
* ''Film/HouseIITheSecondStory'' (1987) -- The guy in a gorilla suit who gets punched over a railing.
* ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'', parts ''[[Film/FridayThe13thPartVIITheNewBlood VII]], [[Film/FridayThe13thPartVIIIJasonTakesManhattan VIII]], [[Film/JasonGoesToHellTheFinalFriday Jason Goes to Hell]]'' and ''Film/JasonX'' (1988-2001) -- Jason Voorhees
** He also plays a guard and [[spoiler:Freddy Krueger's hand]] in ''Jason Goes to Hell''.
* ''Film/{{Prison}}'' (1988) -- Forsythe.
* ''Alligator II: The Mutation'' -- Billy Bob.
* ''Film/HouseIV'' (1992) -- The human pizza.
* ''Film/BestOfTheBest2'' (1993) -- Backdoor Man, aka the guy whose [[ImpaledPalm hand gets pinned to a wall]].
* ''Film/PumpkinheadIIBloodWings'' (1994) -- Keith.
* ''Film/ProjectMetalbeast'' (1995) -- Metalbeast.
* ''Film/{{Wishmaster}}'' (1997) -- Guard.
* ''Film/ChildrenOfTheCornVFieldsOfTerror'' (1998) -- Bartender.
* ''Film/{{Daredevil}}'' (2003) -- Bodyguard.
* ''Film/TheDevilsRejects'' (2005) -- Gasmask officer.
* ''[[Film/TwoThousandManiacs 2001 Maniacs!]]'' (2005) -- Jason.
* ''Film/{{Hatchet}} I-III'' (2006-2012) -- Victor Crowley [[ActingForTwo and his father]].
* ''Film/BehindTheMaskTheRiseOfLeslieVernon'' (2006) -- Cameo as the guy on front of the [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Elm Street]] house.
* ''Film/{{Frozen|2010}}'' (2010) -- Cody