A fantasy writer who is best known for ''Literature/TheSevenwatersTrilogy''. Her books are often set during pivotal points in history and sometimes include actual historical figures.

!!! Works with a page on this wiki:
* The ''[[Literature/TheSevenwatersTrilogy Sevenwaters]]'' books
** ''Literature/DaughterOfTheForest''
** ''Literature/SonOfTheShadows''
** ''Literature/ChildOfTheProphecy''
** ''Literature/HeirToSevenwaters''
** ''Literature/SeerOfSevenwaters''
* ''Whistling Tor''
** ''Literature/HeartsBlood''
* ''Literature/WildwoodDancing''

!!! Other works include:

* ''Literature/TheBrideiChronicles''
** ''The Dark Mirror''
** ''Blade of Fortriu''
** ''The Well of Shades''
* ''Cybele’s Secret'' (young adult)
* ''Saga of the Light Isles''
** ''Literature/{{Wolfskin}}''
** ''Literature/{{Foxmask}}''
!! Tropes in her other works:
* DeathOfTheOldGods: ''The Bridei Chronicles'' series has this, it's set in Scotland and England during their conversion from paganism to Catholicism.
* ExpansionPackPast: Faolan from ''The Bridei Chronicles''. In the first book, he's a spy and bodyguard with a MysteriousPast. In the second and third books, we find out that he [[spoiler:started out as a bard in Ireland, then became an assassin, then was in prison for awhile, then somehow made his way to Scotland and made a career there.]] Despite all that, he's still in his 20s. There doesn't seem to have been time for him to actually do everything he's supposed to have done, particularly given the time it must have taken for a member of an enemy tribe to win the trust of the Priteni king.
* SelkiesAndWereseals: Watcher in ''Foxmask'' is a descendant of a selkie mother and a human father.
* TheSociopath: Somerled from ''Wolfskin''. He commits genocide, fratricide and rape, has no empathy, and his only reaction to human pain and sufering is mild curiosity. He also thinks DespotismJustifiesTheMeans