'''Joseph Conrad''' (1857-1924), born in UsefulNotes/{{Poland}} and best known for his 1899 novella ''Literature/HeartOfDarkness'', which was adapted through SettingUpdate into ''Film/ApocalypseNow''. While Polish-born, Conrad lived for most of his adult life in England, and all of his written works created in his adopted English language.

His youth was spent working on French and British merchant fleets, which provides [[WriteWhatYouKnow the background]] for most of his seafaring works. Most of his time at sea was working trade routes around Africa and India at the height of TheBritishEmpire, which informs most of his other works (especially ''Heart of Darkness'').

Is [[LitFic a favorite author]] of English teachers at the high school and college levels.

His other works include:
* ''Almayer's Folly''
* ''An Outcast of the Islands''
* ''Chance''
* "Gaspar Ruiz"
* ''Literature/LordJim''
* ''Nostromo''
* ''Romance''
* ''The Arrow of Gold''
* "The Duel" (adapted into ''Film/TheDuellists'')
* ''The End of the Tether''
* ''The Inheritors''
* ''The Nigger Of The [='Narcissus'=]''
* "The Point Of Honor"
* ''The Rescue''
* ''The Secret Agent''
* ''The Shadow Line''
* ''Typhoon''
* ''Under Western Eyes''
* ''Victory: An Island Tale''
* ''Within the Tides'' (short story collection)
!! His work provides examples of:

* BittersweetEnding or DownerEnding: If you ever find a happy ending in a Conrad story, it's like winning a lottery.
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