John Sandford is the pen name of John Camp, Pullitzer-winning reporter, who decided to branch out into crime novels. Unusually, he had two debut novels, ''The Fool's Run'' featuring Kidd, a computer hacker, and ''Rules of Prey'' featuring Lucas Davenport, a hard-nosed detective. To avoid the gaffe of having two debut novels and to appease the two separate publishers he'd sold the stories to, he published ''Rules of Prey'' under a pen name of John Sandford and ''The Fool's Run'' under John Camp, his real name. Currently, all of his books are released under his pen name. He has a [[ website]] run by his son which includes a substantial amount of reference material on what went into individual stories and how they evolved.

His fiction works include:
!!''The Prey Series'' featuring Lucas Davenport
* Rules of Prey
* Shadow Prey
* Eyes of Prey
* Silent Prey
* Winter Prey
* Night Prey
* Mind Prey
* Sudden Prey
* Secret Prey
* Certain Prey
* Easy Prey
* Chosen Prey
* Mortal Prey
* Naked Prey
* Hidden Prey
* Broken Prey
* Invisible Prey
* Phantom Prey
* Wicked Prey
* Storm Prey
* Buried Prey
* Stolen Prey
* Silken Prey

!!''The Kidd Series'' featuring Kidd
* The Fool's Run
* The Empress File
* The Devil's Code
* The Hanged Man's Song

!!''The Virgil Flowers Series'' featuring Virgil Flowers
* Dark of the Moon
* Heat Lightning
* Rough Country
* Bad Blood
* Shock Wave
* Mad River
* Storm Front

!!Standalone books
* The Night Crew
* Dead Watch
!! Tropes Associated with John Sandford

* CanadaEh: Virgil, as a Minnesotan, has less than kind words to say about his Northern neighbor. As [[ John Sandford said about Canada's treatment in the novels]]:
--> '''John Sandford''': "By picturing Canada as a land of lowlifes, dopers, gunmen, sexual deviants, desperate men, violent women, bad musicians, etc. especially bad musicians Im simply trying to provide a sense of the true excitement of the place."
* ContinuityDrift: In one of the more recent Davenport novels, which is mostly a prequel, Sloane's first name is revealed, and it's made clear that Lucas has known it for the entire series, which does not give with the LastNameBasis used earlier in the books.
* CowboyCop: Lucas Davenport starts off as one of these, but after a few books, a combination of {{Deconstruction}} and CharacterDevelopment starts to broaden him out.
* DeadpanSnarker: Almost everyone, but particularly notable in the Kidd books, which are narrated by Kidd in first person.
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: Every volume of the Davenport series has the word Prey in it; the volumes of the Kidd series have TarotMotifs in their titles.
* JurisdictionFriction: In their BCA days, both Davenport and Flowers occasionally encounter this, with ''Mad River'' being the worst case.
* LastNameBasis: Detective Sloan from the Davenport series.
-->'''Davenport''': What is Sloan's first name, anyway?
-->'''Sloan's Wife''': [[DeadpanSnarker I never asked.]]
* LineOfSightName: A major character in the Davenport novels is named ''Del Capslock''.
* MinnesotaNice: Played with. Some characters display the trope, and others play up to it to mess with out of state visitors.
* MostWritersAreWriters: Largely averted. Flowers is the only published author in the series, although Davenport is a game designer, which is similar in some ways.
* PhraseCatcher: No matter how they meet him, sooner or later everyone calls Virgil Flowers "that fuckin' Flowers". Usually sooner.
* UsefulNotes/TwinCities: the setting of almost all Sandford's novels - and the ones set elsewhere usually feature characters from there prominently.
* TheVerse: The Kidd, Davenport and Flowers novels all take place in the same universe - notably, all three characters appear in ''Invisible Prey''.
* WorldOfSnark: St Paul/Minneapolis, apparently.