Joel Schumacher (Born August 29, 1939) is a prolific director (and sometimes screenwriter), responsible for a long list of films, which surprisingly, features [[NeverLiveItDown only one]] movie titled ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''. In fact, here are some things he did that were not ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''.

Schumacher directed the successful teen films ''Film/StElmosFire'' and ''Film/TheLostBoys''. The success of these films allowed studios to trust him with bigger projects. These included adaptations of ''Film/TheClient'' and ''Film/ATimeToKill'', both adapted from novels written by Creator/JohnGrisham, which saw further commercial success for Schumacher.

After parents were displeased with the dark tone of ''Film/BatmanReturns'', Schumacher was chosen to replace Creator/TimBurton as the director of the ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' film series. Under his direction, the films got notably more camp and colorful compared to the dark and grim tone of the previous entries. His first Batman film, ''Film/BatmanForever'', received mixed reception from critics but was a huge commercial success, being the second highest grossing film of 1995. The followup, ''BatmanAndRobin'' though took the flawed aspects of ''Forever'' and caused the film to be panned by audiences and critics. Despite its success at the box office, though not to the extent of ''Batman Forever'', the franchise's studio Creator/WarnerBros decided to put the series on hold and no live action Batman film would be released for another 8 years. Schumacher, who considers himself a fan of Batman, has apologized for the campiness of his films, claiming the studio pressured him into making it kid friendly and easily sell toys.

Since Batman, he has directed a couple of financially successful films such as ''[[Film/EightMM 8MM]]'', ''[[Film/ThePhantomOfTheOpera2004 The Phantom of the Opera]]'' and ''Film/PhoneBooth''. He also directed chapters 5 and 6 in the hit Netflix series ''Series/HouseOfCards''.

In addition to directing movies, Schumacher has also directed a number of music videos including Kiss from a Rose by Seal and The End Is the Beginning Is the End by Smashing Pumpkins, both songs being on the soundtracks to ''Batman Forever'' and ''Batman and Robin'' respectively.
!! Filmography:
* ''Film/{{Sleeper}}'' (1973) - (costume designer only)
* ''Film/CarWash'' (1976) - (screenplay only)
* ''Film/TheWiz'' (1978) - (screenplay only)
* ''Film/TheIncredibleShrinkingWoman'' (1981)
* ''Film/DCCab'' (1983)
* ''Film/StElmosFire'' (1985)
* ''Film/TheLostBoys'' (1987)
* ''Film/{{Cousins}}'' (1989)
* ''Film/{{Flatliners}}'' (1990)
* ''Film/DyingYoung'' (1991)
* ''Film/FallingDown'' (1993)
* ''Film/TheClient'' (1994)
* ''Film/BatmanForever'' (1995)
* ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'' (1997)
* ''Film/ATimeToKill'' (1996)
* ''Film/EightMM'' (1999)
* ''Film/{{Flawless}}'' (1999)
* ''Film/{{Tigerland}}'' (2000)
* ''Film/BadCompany'' (2002)
* ''Film/PhoneBooth'' (2003)
* ''Film/VeronicaGuerin'' (2003)
* ''[[Film/ThePhantomOfTheOpera2004 The Phantom of the Opera]]'' (2004)
* ''Film/TheNumber23'' (2007)
* ''Film/BloodCreek'' (2009)
* ''Film/{{Twelve}}'' (2010)
* ''Film/{{Trespass}}'' (2011)
* ''Series/HouseOfCards'' (2013)