Wushu master and heir to BruceLee's crown as king of kung fu movies. Jet Li (real name Li Lianjie) (April 26, 1963-) spent some years as one of the world's most well-known exponents of WireFu, before making a move to more brutal fighting styles after heading west to try his luck in Hollywood.

!!His films include:
* The ''Film/OnceUponATimeInChina'' series as Wong Fei-hung, his StarMakingRole.
* ''DannyTheDog'', a.k.a. ''Film/{{Unleashed}}'' as Danny.
* ''Film/TheExpendables'' as Ying Yang, the sole FragileSpeedster amongst a party of MightyGlacier warriors.
* ''Film/{{Fearless}}'' as Huo Yuan Jia.
* ''Film/TheForbiddenKingdom'' as the Silent Monk[[spoiler:/the Monkey King]].
* ''Film/OceanHeaven'': as Wang Xuechang. Jet Li's first and thus far ''only'' [[PlayingAgainstType non-action or Martial Arts Movie:]] A heartwarming-drama about a single father aquarium technician diagnosed with cancer, who must find a way to take care of his mentally-retarded adult son, by spending quality time with him amongst the dolphins and turtles of his workplace (hence the title). [[{{Tearjerker}} Bring tissues, you WILL need them.]]
* ''Film/BlackMask'' which was inspired by character of Kato in Franchise/TheGreenHornet.
* ''Film/{{Hero}}'' as Nameless.
* ''Film/LethalWeapon4'', his first Hollywood role, and his first major villain role, as Wah Sing Ku.
* ''Film/TheOne'' as Gabe Law, Yulaw, and Lawless (it's that kind of movie).
* ''Film/TheMummyTombOfTheDragonEmperor'', as the Dragon Emperor.
* ''{{Film/War}}'' as Rogue.
* ''Film/KissOfTheDragon'' as Liu Jian.
* ''Film/Cradle2TheGrave'' as Su.
* ''Film/RomeoMustDie'' as Han Sing.
* The ''Film/FongSaiYuk'' series (known in the US as ''Film/TheLegend'') as Fong Sai Yuk.
* ''[[Film/FistOfLegend Fist of Legend]]'' as Chen Zhen.
* ''The Defender/Bodyguard From Beijing'' as Allan Hui Ching-Yeung/John Chang.
* ''Film/TaiChiMaster''
* ''Film/FlyingSwordsOfDragonGate'' as Zhao Huai'an

'''Tropes applicable to him:'''

* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Some of his roles.
* BadAss: Was a real wushu champion before he started playing films. Naturally, ''almost'' all his roles (with the exception Wang Xuechang of ''OceanHeaven'') are about him being a major BadAss.
** During the 2006 tsunami he helped save a family at his hotel, injuring his foot in the process.
* LightningBruiser: He's ''really'' fast. Even when doing Tai Chi. And he'll put just enough pressure behind it to make you feel it without injuring you. Creator/BrendanFraser put it best in his ''Film/TheMummyTombOfTheDragonEmperor'' interview:
--> "We got into position, then Action! I didn't even see it, his leg just went BOOM! *doubles up while holding his left ribcage* Not hard enough to knock me out, but enough to make me go whoof!"
** During filming of ''LethalWeapon4'', Richard Donner had to tell him to slow down, as the cameras weren't able to register his moves. And they still ended up having to use some slow motion.
* MarthDebutedInSmashBros: Has actually starred in a movie set in America way back in 1988 and filmed entirely in San Francisco. It was a Hong Kong production, however, and he starred with Stephen Chow there. The latter was playing one of his few serious roles.
* MartialPacifist: Most of his other roles.
** This is also a fair description of him in RealLife. Despite being one of the biggest [[BadAss bad asses]] in all of media, he's actually a pretty hardcore Buddhist who's gone so far as to say that those who view martial artistry as a weapon are not true martial artists.
* RealLife/MeanCharacterNiceActor: Played villainous roles from time to time after he debuted in Hollywood.
* NiceGuy: Started a charity after he escaped the 2006 tsunami. Also tends to play this type of characters before he moved to Hollywood.
* PlayingAgainstType: Jet Li '''proudly''' touts ''OceanHeaven'' as his first non-action movie, playing a terminally ill father who must find a way to say goodbye to his mentally-retarded adult-son while spending time together at the Aquarium.
* RelationshipVoiceActor: Creator/ShuichiIkeda normally dubs his movies in Japan. Yep, that's right, [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Char Aznable]] can not only being three times faster, he can ''kick your ass three times faster too!''