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Jessica Claire Biel (born on March 3, 1982) is an American actress whose big break, [[OldShame much to her chagrin]], was in ''Series/SeventhHeaven''. She's since put that behind her thanks to movies ranging from ''Film/TheIllusionist'' to ''Film/TheATeam'', though sadly in some circles she's best known for being Music/JustinTimberlake's wife. They have a son, Silas.

Not to be, but sometimes, confused with Creator/JessicaAlba in spite of looking nothing alike -- and even though they've both appeared in at least one movie together (''Film/ValentinesDay''). In fact, commercials for ''Film/BladeTrinity'' couldn't air because they mistakenly advertised Jessica Alba as starring.

!!Works associated with this actress:

* ''Series/SeventhHeaven''
* ''Summer Catch''
* ''Film/TheTexasChainsawMassacre2003''
* ''Film/BladeTrinity''
* ''Film/{{Stealth}}''
* ''Film/TheIllusionist''
* ''Film/HomeOfTheBrave''
* ''Film/{{Next}}''
* ''Film/INowPronounceYouChuckAndLarry''
* ''Powder Blue''
* ''Film/EasyVirtue''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Planet 51}}''
* ''Film/ValentinesDay''
* ''Film/TheATeam''
* ''New Year's Eve''
* ''Film/TotalRecall2012''
* ''Film/TheTallMan''
* ''Series/TheSinner''

!!This actress' work provides examples of:

%%ZCE * ActionGirl: She plays a lot of these.
* AdamWesting: Jessica's appearances on ''WesternAnimation/BoJackHorseman'' are basically a parody of her public image, appearing self-obsessed and wanting to appear relevant much of the time. The show also adds on another layer to her character by making Jessica appear borderline sociopathic. And it seems Jessica is having a blast all the way through. She apparently insisted the show go even harder on her than in the original script.
* AsHimself: Her appearance as Mr. Peanutbutter's wife on ''WesternAnimation/BojackHorseman'' -- apparently he was the one that accidentally kickstarted her relationship with Music/JustinTimberlake.
* BareYourMidriff: In several of her roles she has clothing that reveals her bare stomach. In ''Blade Trinity'' she wears low-cut trousers combined with short tops/shirts, and in Film/TheTexasChainsawMassacre2003 she has her top tied up in a knot (shortening it so her midriff shows) during most of the film.
* ContraltoOfDanger: Her deep, husky voice definitely doesn't hurt her sex appeal, nor her ActionGirl roles.
* MsFanservice: On several occasions, such as ''Film/{{Stealth}}'' and in particular ''Powder Blue'' as a stripper, in her only on-screen nudity until ''Series/TheSinner''.