->''"I need to react to a script, to feel strongly about it in some way. And I need it to be a complex character for sure. And also, I think a lot about what kind of audience there is for the film, what they're looking for and ways to connect with them in the playing of a character."''

Jeremy Lee "Renni" Renner (born 1971) is an American actor known for his role in Creator/JossWhedon's ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' as ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}}. He also starred in ''Film/MissionImpossibleGhostProtocol'' and ''MissionImpossibleRogueNation'' as [[TheAtoner William Brandt]], as Aaron Cross in ''Film/TheBourneLegacy'' and as Sergeant First Class William James in ''Film/TheHurtLocker''.

Renner first became interested in acting through an exercise at a local police academy, which gave him the opportunity to role-play a domestic disturbance perpetrator as part of a police-training exercise for an easy $50.

In addition to his work as an actor, Renner continues to cultivate a lifelong love of music. A singer, songwriter, and musician, he performed with the band Sons of Ben early in his career. Scenes in ''Love Comes to the Executioner'', ''North Country'', and ''The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford'' briefly showcase Renner's singing talents.

!!His notable roles include:

* ''{{Series/Angel}}'' (TV series, episode "Somnambulist", 2000): Penn "The Pope"
* ''Dahmer'' (2002): [[SerialKiller Jeffrey Dahmer]]
* ''Film/{{SWAT}}'' (2003): Brian Gamble
* ''Film/NorthCountry'': (2005): Bobby Sharp
* ''Love Comes to the Executioner'' (2006): Chick Prigusivac
* ''Film/TwentyEightWeeksLater:'' (2007): Doyle
* ''Film/TheAssassinationOfJesseJamesByTheCowardRobertFord'' (2007): Wood Hite
* ''Film/TheHurtLocker'' (2009): Sergeant First Class William James
* ''Film/TheUnusuals'' (2009): Detective Jason Walsh
* ''Film/TheTown'' (2010): James "Jem" Coughlin
* ''Film/MissionImpossible'' films as William Brandt:
** ''Film/MissionImpossibleGhostProtocol'' (2011)
** ''Film/MissionImpossibleRogueNation'' (2015)
* Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse (2011 -- present) as [[ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}} Clint Barton / Hawkeye]]:
** ''Film/{{Thor}}'' (2011) [[note]]cameo[[/note]]
** ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' (2012)
** ''Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron'' (2015)
** ''Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar'' (2016)
* ''Film/TheBourneLegacy'' (2012): Aaron Cross
* ''Film/HanselAndGretelWitchHunters'' (2013): Hansel
* ''Film/AmericanHustle'' (2013): Mayor Carmine Polito
* ''Kill the Messenger'' (2014): Gary Webb
* ''Film/{{Arrival}}'' (2016): Ian Donnelly
!! Tropes displayed by Jeremy Renner include:

* AdvertisedExtra: Admitted that while he was happy to have done ''The Avengers'', he felt that Hawkeye was snubbed in screentime. Joss seemed to noticed this, as Hawkeye had a much larger and more important role in the sequel.
* AwesomeDearBoy: The reason he did ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' was due to this trope. He even managed to convince Creator/JossWhedon to give Hawkeye more screentime for ''[[Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron Age of Ultron.]]''
* TheCameo: Appeared in ''Film/{{Thor}}'' as ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}}, but was neither named nor credited.
* LoonyFan: Was sadly a victim of this after playing [[SerialKiller Jeffrey Dahmer]] - one fan bit him on his arm, while another kidnapped his pet cat Milo.
* MoneyDearBoy: The reason he did ''Film/HanselAndGretelWitchHunters'' was due to this trope. Judging by the media appearances he did around the release, [[OldShame he seems to regret it]].
* OldShame:
** You're unlikely to hear his debut "National Lampoon's Senior Trip" mentioned in interviews.
** During his early days, he also often played ButtMonkey characters in commercials.
** ''Film/HanselAndGretelWitchHunters'' seems to be heading that way. The movie was pushed into the DumpMonths, and people have [[http://www.vulture.com/2013/01/renners-unhappy-hansel-gretel-press-tour.html noticed]] that he looked miserable while promoting the thing.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Not as much as some in Hollywood but it's still hard to believe the man is his forties, especially since almost all of his roles involve characters that are almost a decade (or more) younger than his actual age. This is accentuated in ''Film/HanselAndGretelWitchHunters'', where he plays a character that is, at the most, in his late twenties.
* TheSouthpaw: Notable in ''Film/{{SWAT}}'' because he wears a vest designed for right-handed shooters.