Need a {{Badass}} with a deep voice and an authentic French accent? Call for '''Jean Reno'''!

Appearing as "that French tough guy" in many films, he was born in Morocco in 1948, when it was a Spanish protectorate, and moved to France when he was seventeen. So the fact that his name is '''Juan''' (in French, Jean) '''Moreno''' (cut the first syllable and you have his artistic name) '''Herrera-Jimenez''' can make him a sort of BadassSpaniard. Of course, he can also play [[FakeNationality other nationalities]] in a pinch, including a damn good ElvisPresley impersonation. [[ThoseTwoActors He has been frequently paired]] with fellow French actor Christian Clavier in comedy films since ''Operation Corned Beef'' and ''Les Visiteurs''.

Also, he was '''Anime/{{Doraemon}}'''!!! [[{{Japandering}} No, seriously]]. [[http://kotaku.com/5900234/jean-reno-makes-a-great-anime-cat/gallery/1 See for yourself]].

!!Partial filmography:

* ''Film/TheBigBlue'' as Enzo Molinari
* ''Film/{{Nikita}}'' as Victor "The Cleaner"
* ''Operation Corned Beef'' as Capitaine Philippe Boulier, aka "le Squale"
* ''Film/LesVisiteurs'' and its sequels as Godefroy de Montmirail "le Hardi"
* ''Film/TheProfessional'' as Léon
* ''Film/FrenchKiss'' as Jean-Paul
* ''Film/MissionImpossible'' as Franz Krieger
* ''Film/{{Ronin}}'' as Vincent
* ''Film/{{Godzilla 1998}}'' as Philippe Roche
* ''Film/TheCrimsonRivers'' and its sequel ''Angels of the Apocalypse'' as Detective Superintendent Pierre Niemans
* ''Film/JustVisiting'' (remake of ''Les Visiteurs'') as Thibault de Malfète
* ''Film/{{Wasabi}}'' as Hubert Fiorentini
* ''VideoGame/Onimusha3DemonSiege'' (Video game) as [[InkSuitActor Jacques Blanc]]
* ''Film/DaVinciCode'' as Commissionner Bézu Fache
* ''The Corsican Investigation'' as Ange Leoni
* ''Film/ThePinkPanther2006'' as Gilbert Ponton
* ''WesternAnimation/FlushedAway'' as Le Frog
* ''Series/{{Jo}}'' (TV series) as Joachim "Jo" Saint-Clair


!!He also provided the French dubbing of:

* The title character in ''Anime/PorcoRosso''
* Shadow in ''Film/HomewardBoundTheIncredibleJourney''
* Mufasa in ''Disney/TheLionKing''
* Enzo in ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire''
* [[RoleReprisal Le Frog]] in ''WesternAnimation/FlushedAway''