Jay Naylor is a [[FurryFandom furry]] cartoonist and [[{{UsefulNotes/Objectivism}} Objectivist]] who created the {{webcomic}}s ''Webcomic/BetterDays'' and ''Webcomic/OriginalLife''. You can see the pages for his {{webcomic}}s for {{trope}}s associated specifically with those comics. This page showcases {{trope}}s that recur throughout much of his work.
* ''Webcomic/BetterDays''
* ''Webcomic/OriginalLife''

!!Jay Naylor's works include examples of:
* AuthorAvatar: Usually whichever {{main character}} is the focus of the current comic. Most often, however, Fisk falls under this category.
* CreatorThumbprint: UsefulNotes/{{Objectivism}} and guns.
* FurryFandom
* OrphanedSeries: Both ''Hell for Humanity'' and ''New Worlds'' were both dropped abruptly with no real ending. Naylor eventually deleted both comics in their entirety; although he once said he was planning on reviving ''New Worlds'', he later nixed those plans for good).
* YourCheatingHeart: Happens in most of his work.