Jason Liebrecht is an American voice actor at Creator/FUNimation and Creator/ADVFilms. He has provided voices for a number of English language versions of Japanese anime films. His well-known roles include Syaoran in ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle'', Train Heartnet in ''Manga/BlackCat'', Ban Mido in ''Manga/GetBackers'', Hei in ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'', Luck Gandor in ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'', Atsuki Saijo in ''VisualNovel/LuxPain'', The Millennium Earl and Lavi in ''Manga/DGrayMan'', and Iceland in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia''.

!!Notable roles:
* Alfons Heiderich in ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemistTheConquerorOfShamballa''
* Akira Takizawa in ''Anime/EdenOfTheEast''
* Ashley Lynx in ''Manga/SoltyRei''
* Ban Mido in ''Manga/GetBackers''
* Beast Titan in ''Manga/AttackOnTitan''
* Champa in ''Anime/DragonBallSuper''
* Principal Ench in ''Anime/CrayonShinChan''
* Finnian in ''Manga/BlackButler''
* Heath Hasekura in ''Anime/PrinceOfStride''
* Hei in ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack''
* Hodaka Murakami in ''Literature/RDGRedDataGirl''
* Iceland in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia''
* John Brown in ''Manga/GhostHunt''
* Kakeru Otori in ''[[VisualNovel/OretachiNiTsubasaWaNai We, Without Wings]]''
* Kiharu in ''Manga/{{Karneval}}''
* Kisaragi Saemon in ''Manga/{{Basilisk}}''
* Lavi and The Millennium Earl in ''Manga/DGrayMan'' (temporarily [[TheOtherDarrin Darrin'd]] by Creator/ToddHaberkorn and Creator/ChrisPatton from Episodes 27-39, due to being injured in a motorcycle accident; reprises the roles in ''D. Gray Man Hallow'')
* Luck Gandor in ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}''
* Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki in ''Anime/ToukenRanbuHanamaru''
* Dabi in ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia''
* Rob Lucci and Hattori in ''Manga/OnePiece''
* Souhei in ''Anime/WolfChildrenAmeAndYuki''
* Syaoran [[spoiler: both the real and the clone]] in ''Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle''
* Tezcatlipoca in ''LightNovel/ShakuganNoShana''
* Tohru Souma in ''Anime/BaldrForceEXEResolution''
* Train Heartnet in ''Manga/BlackCat''
* Vetti Lunard Sforza de Roselait in ''Anime/GlassFleet''
* Yato in ''Manga/{{Noragami}}''

!!!Video Games
* Abel in ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIV'', ''VideoGame/StreetFighterXTekken'', ''Super Street Fighter IV'', and ''Ultra Street Fighter IV''
* Ah Muzen Cab in ''VideoGame/{{Smite}}''
* Atsuki Saijo in ''VisualNovel/LuxPain''
* Capell in ''VideoGame/InfiniteUndiscovery''
* David Nassau in ''VideoGame/TheLastRemnant''
* Faize Sheifa Beleth in ''VideoGame/StarOceanTheLastHope''
* Little Ben in ''VideoGame/WhereTheWaterTastesLikeWine''
* Lo Wang in ''VideoGame/ShadowWarrior2013''
* Mordecai in ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}''