James Lawrence Brooks (born May 9, 1940) is a producer, screenwriter, director, and occasional actor whose works are usually critical hits. He is friends and a frequent collaborator with music composer Music/HansZimmer. He also has his own production company.

Won UsefulNotes/{{Academy Award}}s for picture, director and screenplay for ''Film/TermsOfEndearment'', and was also nominated for producing ''Film/BroadcastNews'', ''Film/JerryMaguire'', and ''Film/AsGoodAsItGets'' and for writing ''Broadcast News'' and ''As Good as It Gets''. He is one of only seven directors to win for writing, directing and producing a film.[[note]]The others are Leo [=McCarey=] (''Going My Way''), Creator/BillyWilder (''Film/TheApartment''), Creator/FrancisFordCoppola (''Film/TheGodfatherPartII''), Creator/PeterJackson (''[[Film/TheLordOfTheRings Return of the King]]'') and Creator/TheCoenBrothers (''Film/NoCountryForOldMen'').[[/note]] Outside of his films, Brooks is also known as one of the executive producers and original creators of the long-running FOX animated sitcom ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' (joining Creator/MattGroening[[note]]who created the characters and did write a few episodes in its early days, mostly the season one episodes and season three's "Colonel Homer"[[/note]] and the late Sam Simon).

[[folder: Gracie Films ]]

Brooks' production company, established in 1984 and named for comedienne Gracie Allen.

The VanityPlate takes place in a cinema room where a lady shushes noisy attendees as the lights dim, and the words "GRACIE FILMS" appear on screen while accompanied by a [[EarWorm catchy]], jazzy, jingle composed by Jeffrey Townsend. On ''TheSimpsons'' Halloween episodes ("Treehouse of Horror"), the lady's "Shh!" is changed to a scream while the catchy, jazzy jingle is replaced with creepy organ music.

Some people have said that the jingle was inspired by the chorus of the Music/GoWest! song "The King of Wishful Thinking," [[OlderThanTheyThink but the logo and jingle actually predate the song by a couple of years]].
!! Notable works with the involvement of Brooks and or Gracie Films...or just Brooks:
!!! {{Film}}
* ''Starting Over'' (1979)
* ''Film/TermsOfEndearment'' (1983) Best Picture winner
* ''Film/BroadcastNews'' (1987) Best Picture nominee
* ''Film/{{Big}}'' (1988)
* ''Film/SayAnything'' (1989)
* ''Film/TheWarOfTheRoses'' (1989)
* ''I'll Do Anything'' (1994)
* ''Film/JerryMaguire'' (1996) Best Picture nominee
* ''Film/AsGoodAsItGets'' (1997) Best Picture nominee
* ''Film/{{Spanglish}}'' (2004)
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie'' (2007)
* ''How Do You Know'' (2010)

!!! {{UsefulNotes/Television}} {{Series}}
* ''Series/MyMotherTheCar'' (1965-66)
* ''Series/{{Room 222}}'' (196974)
* ''Series/TheMaryTylerMooreShow'' (197077)
* ''Series/{{Rhoda}}'' (197478)
* ''Series/LouGrant'' (197782)
* ''Series/{{Taxi}}'' (197883)
* ''Series/TheTraceyUllmanShow'' (198790)
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' (1989 )
* ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'' (199495)