Jacques Tatischeff (19071982), Tati for short, was a comedian and filmmaker born in Yveslines, France.

He worked as a professional rugby player and a music hall performer before getting involved in French cinema. His movie career spanned from the late 1930s to the late 1970s, although as a director he only made six feature films, beating Creator/StanleyKubrick (but not Creator/CharlesLaughton) as one of the least prolific filmmakers still held in high regard.

Tati's comedies are known for their attacks on materialism and for having barely any dialogue. Many of them feature a character named Monsieur Hulot, played by Tati, who is in many ways the French equivalent of Creator/CharlieChaplin's famous Tramp (or, alternatively, a proto-Series/MrBean).

!!These are his major works:
* ''Jour De Fete'' (1949): Features more dialogue than in his other films; though the humor is still mostly visual.
* ''Film/MrHulotsHoliday'' (1953): The first of Tati's works starring Hulot. Later remade in English as ''Film/MrBeansHoliday''.
* ''Film/MonOncle'' (1958): Another Hulot outing, and Tati's first film in color.
* ''Film/{{Playtime}}'' (1967): Which not only dispenses with meaningful dialogue, but also with lead actors (although Hulot does pop up intermittently).
* ''Trafic'' (1971): The swan song of Hulot.
* ''Parade'' (1974)
!! Tati-related
* ''WesternAnimation/TheIllusionist'' (2010): An animated film made 25 years after Tati's death, based on one of his scripts, by fellow Frenchman Creator/SylvainChomet. It is notable for its autobiographical elements concerning Tati and his daughter.
! Tropes Associated With Tati's Work.
* CreatorThumbprint: His iconic character ''Mr. Hulot'' is a character he has played for four of his 6 movies he has directed.
* NiceGuy: Tati was a pretty decent person in real life. His character ''Mr. Hulot'' is also good-natured and lovable.
* SignatureStyle: His movies are comedies barely have any dialogue. They are usually satires of modern culture but also show audiences a way of laughing and smiling at the world.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: His films are feel-good movies and are more on the idealistic end of the scale.