->''"The universe considers me its personal cat toy. Do you have ANY idea what it's like to go through life covered in cosmic cat spit?"''
-->-- JMS in IRC, 1/22/97

Joseph Michael Straczynski (born July 17, 1954) is the go-to man for awesome, funny, epic stories. Give him something stupid and he'll somehow turn it into something ''special''.

* ''WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983'' - Staff Writer; specifically writing 9 episodes
* ''WesternAnimation/SheRaPrincessOfPower'' - Staff Writer, specifically writing 8 episodes
* ''WesternAnimation/JayceAndTheWheeledWarriors'' - Staff Writer, specifically writing 13 episodes
* ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'' - Story Editor; writer of 21 episodes and one Special
* ''WesternAnimation/SpiralZone'' - Series Developer (under a pseudonym), wrote one episode
* ''Series/CaptainPowerAndTheSoldiersOfTheFuture'' - Executive Story Editor; writer of 13 episodes (including the [[AnyoneCanDie infamous]] [[KilledOffForReal two part final episode]])
* ''[[Series/TheTwilightZone The New Twilight Zone]]'' - Story Editor; writer of 11 episodes
* ''Series/JakeAndTheFatman'' - Executive Story Editor; writer of 5 episodes
* ''Series/MurderSheWrote'' - Co-Producer; writer of 7 episodes
* ''Series/WalkerTexasRanger'' - Supervising Producer; writer of 1 episode
* ''Series/Sense8'' - Executive Producer and head-writer in cooperation with The Wachowskis.

Aaaand then he somehow got to do something entirely of his own creation... this little show called ''Series/BabylonFive''. You may have heard of it.

Afterward, he attempted to continue spreading the joy with high-concept shows like ''Series/{{Crusade}}'' and ''Series/{{Jeremiah}}'' - but the networks had by then decided that he was an enemy, and have since taken ''[[ToThePain special]]'' care to [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screw with him]]. He responds by being a master of WriterRevolt - everything from teddy bears out an airlock to protest MerchandiseDriven, using a demand for "more sex" to be PlayedForLaughs, to whipping up loopholes in stories he was forced to write so they have a chance at being overruled later.

He then started writing for comic books, and has had somewhat more success, most notably ''ComicBook/BulletPoints'', [[ComicBook/JMSSpiderMan his run on]] ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'' (which included the famous 9/11 issue and ''ComicBook/OneMoreDay''), ''ComicBook/MidnightNation'', ''ComicBook/RisingStars'', ''ComicBook/SilverSurfer: Requiem'', ''ComicBook/SupremePower'', as well as a return to ''Series/TheTwilightZone'' for Dynamite Comics. More recently, he wrote the screenplay for the Creator/ClintEastwood-directed, Creator/AngelinaJolie-starring ''Film/{{Changeling}}'', and his current projects include writing a script for a Literature/{{Lensman}} movie, the remake of ''Film/ForbiddenPlanet'', and at least one pass at a ''Film/WorldWarZ'' treatment. He handled a revival of one of Marvel's primary series, ''ComicBook/TheMightyThor'', as a lead-in to the next CrisisCrossover. He even got to write for the ''Film/{{Thor}}'' movie, even managing a cameo (he's the first guy to find {{Mjolnir}} and try to lift it). Truly a PromotedFanboy. He also wrote ''Film/UnderworldAwakening'', the fourth installment of that series. (He also wrote an episode of the ''Series/LogansRun'' TV series, but let's not talk about that.)

His first name is Joseph and friends call him Joe, but he has stated that "Joe Straczynski" is a name that would "frighten cats." Professionally, he goes by J. Michael so as to allow people to work up to the "Straczynski." First word: one letter, easy; second word: Michael, two syllables but familiar enough; then...the leap. Fans generally know and refer to him just by his initials, which is how he signs his emails and Usenet posts. For the record, his last name is supposed to be pronounced ''Stra-TCH-i-nsky'', although it should be noted that his original Polish family name, Straczyński, used to be spelled with an "ń" rather than "n", thus producing a sound slowly related to that of "ñ" (as in ''Espa'''ñ'''ol'').

He spent some time in a cult while in college, and was once mugged and left near death. Both experiences heavily inform his stories.

He is currently writing the ''ComicBook/SupermanEarthOne'' graphic novels for DC Comics, as well as a number of creator-owned comics under the "Joe's Comics" banner for Image Comics. He previously had a short run in the ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' comic book as writer of the story arc ''ComicBook/SupermanGrounded''. However, he stopped working on the book in order to write the ''Superman: Earth One'' books. Since then, Chris Roberson completed the arc. He co-created and co-wrote Creator/{{Netflix}}'s ''Series/{{Sense8}}'' with [[Film/TheMatrix the Wachowskis]].

Shares a birthday with Creator/DavidHasselhoff and Phyllis Diller, as well as an exact birth date with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

If someone talks about "The other JMS", they're referring to Creator/JonathanMShiff.