Howard Waldrop is an American SF writer of mostly short stories.

Wikipedia says of him, "His style is sometimes obscure or elliptical", which is unnecessarily tentative -- a Waldrop story is a story that you either get or you don't. If you do get it, it's awesome.

His stories include:

* "The Ugly Chickens", in which a researcher discovers that the [[DumbDodoBird dodo]] survived the extinction of the native population in the form of a flock owned by a farmer in the American backwoods. Won the UsefulNotes/NebulaAward and the UsefulNotes/WorldFantasyAward.
* "Night of the Cooters", in which one of the alien war machines from Creator/HGWells's ''Literature/TheWarOfTheWorlds'' goes off-course and lands in Texas instead of England.
* "Ike at the Mike", in which Music/ElvisPresley is a senator and UsefulNotes/DwightDEisenhower a famous musician.
* "Man Mountain Gentian", the tale of the world's greatest zen sumo wrestler.

He has contributed to the ''Literature/WildCards'' series (he wrote "Thirty Minutes Over Broadway!", the story that set up the whole premise) and to the Website/TurkeyCityLexicon.
Howard Waldrop's works include examples of:

* TheCatfish: "God's Hooks!"
* DumbDodoBird: "The Ugly Chickens"
* RichardNixonTheUsedCarSalesman: "Ike at the Mike"
* SpeciesLostAndFound: "The Ugly Chickens"
* ViewersAreGeniuses
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld: "Custer's Last Jump"