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Back on topic, huh... Mrs. Haruhi Terada is a [[VoiceActors voice-over actor]] born in Tokyo in 1973, who works for 21 Production. She tends to voice {{plucky girl}}s and young women, often of the CoolBigSis type.

She is also the daughter of Yojiro Terada, a race car driver. After her parents got divorced in 2014, she now goes by the name Haruhi Nanao. This is because following divorce in Japan, the children’s surnames are changed to the mother's maiden name - [[ValuesDissonance harsh, huh]]?

!!Some of Haruhi Terada's roles are:
* Ai in ''Anime/DigimonTamers''
** Ranamon in ''Anime/DigimonFrontier''
** Piyomon in ''Anime/DigimonSavers''
* Dub voice of Dawn Summers in ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''
* Djem and the Teacher's Wife in ''Manga/ZatchBell''
* Fabia Sheen in ''Anime/{{Bakugan}}'': ''Gundalian Invaders''
* Dub voice of Gaz in ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim''
* Hikaru [[spoiler:Kujou]] in ''Anime/FutariWaPrettyCureMaxHeart''
* Hisui in ''VideoGame/SenranKagura''
* Kaku Bunwa in ''Manga/IkkiTousen'' (replaced by Creator/ShihoKawaragi)
* Kana Sohma and Kisa's mother in ''Manga/FruitsBasket''
* Kasumi Aono in ''Manga/RosarioToVampire''
* Kumada-sensei in ''Manga/MinamiKe''
* Mai Kujaku in ''Anime/YuGiOh''
* Miko Daishi in the ''Manga/FushigiYuugiGenbuKaiden'' drama CD
* NAVI-chan in ''Anime/BeastWarsII''
* Rin and young Tsunade in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''
* Yuuki Akutsu in ''Manga/ThePrinceOfTennis''