Henry Albert "Hank" Azaria (April 25, 1964-) is an American actor. Ever since 1990, he has voiced many secondary characters from ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', including miserable, suicidal, {{Jerkass}} bartender Moe Szyslak, SurferDude career criminal Snake Jailbird, fat, incompetent town cop Chief Clancy Wiggum, Indian [[note]] from India, not "Native American Indian"[[/note]] Kwik-E-Mart clerk Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the Sarcastic Middle Aged Clerk who sounds like Charles Bronson [[note]]real name: Raphael, according to Sideshow Bob on the season 12 episode where Sideshow Bob brainwashes Bart into killing Krusty during his series finale special[[/note]], Jeff Albertson (the real name of the Android Dungeon's smarmy, basement-dwelling owner [and later, AudienceSurrogate for all the nerds who complain about ''TheSimpsons''' downward spiral] Comic Book Guy), Milhouse's loser father, Kirk van Houten, Duff Beer's macho mascot, Duffman, Homer's TokenBlack friend, Carl Carlson, and other characters.

He also voiced Edward Brock/Venom in ''{{Spider-Man The Animated Series}}'' and Bartok the bat in ''{{Anastasia}}''.

Azaria's live action appearances include Jay Nichols in ''[[Series/HermansHead Herman's Head]]'' (which he considers an OldShame, along with fellow ''Simpsons'' voice actress Yeardley Smith[[note]]the voice of Lisa Simpson, and some Lisa-esque girls like "Lisabella" from "The Last Tap Dance in Springfield" and the Polynesian girl Homer named "Lisa Jr." on "Missionary Impossible"[[/note]]), Nat the Dog Walker in MadAboutYou, and David (Phoebe's scientist boyfriend) in ''Series/{{Friends}}'', as well as his [[PlayingAgainstType memorably slimeball role]] in ''Film/{{Heat}}''; the one where [[MemeticMutation he has his head figuratively all the way up Ashley Judd's great ass.]] Played Agador the houseboy in ''Film/TheBirdcage'', Kahmunrah in ''NightAtTheMuseum Battle At The Smithsonian'' and the Blue Rajah in ''Film/MysteryMen''.

Both in appearance and through his seemingly endless repertoire of exotic accents, he's AmbiguouslyBrown. He is actually an American Sephardic Jew[[note]]Sephardi Jews are European Jews who can trace their ancestry to the Iberian Peninsula, the peninsula in Europe consisting of Spain, Portugal, and a small, landlocked country between Spain and France called Andorra[[/note]].

[[TropeNamer Named]] the trope IdiotBall.