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'''Hans Ruedi "H.R." Giger''' (February 5, 1940 - May 12, 2014) was a Swiss [[SurrealHorror surrealist]] painter and sculptor.

Known for this works' disquieting, [[OrganicTechnology biomechanical]], often [[FreudWasRight sexual]] imagery, [[MadArtist Giger]] has achieved much of his fame from his work in films as a set and creature designer. Among the film projects he's worked on are ''Film/{{Alien}}'', ''Film/{{Alien 3}}'', ''Film/{{Dune}}'', ''Film/PoltergeistIITheOtherSide'', ''Film/{{Species}}'', and ''Film/{{Prometheus}}'', which actually dusted off some unused concepts from ''Alien''. Before this he provided two paintings for Music/EmersonLakeAndPalmer's album ''Brain Salad Surgery'', one of which had to be airbrushed for purposes of censorship. The Music/DeadKennedys included a poster of his painting ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Penis Landscape]]'' with their album ''Music/{{Frankenchrist}}'' -- for which they got in a little trouble -- and Music/{{Danzig}} used his art for the cover of ''Danzig III: How the Gods Kill''.

Giger also contributed art to the ''VideoGame/DarkSeed'' games, has a number of bars in Switzerland themed after his art (which are probably [[AlienGeometries nice]], [[CreepyBasement comfortable]] [[NothingButSkulls places]] to get a drink), and designs [[CoolChair incredibly menacing furniture]].

Giger sadly passed away in May 2014 after sustaining injuries in a fall.

And [[ItsPronouncedTroPAY his name's pronounced GHEE-ger]].
!!Common themes in Giger's work include:

* AuthorPhobia: He's known to have [[BasedOnADream incorporated his nightmares into his creations]]. Apparently, he often worked through his sleeplessness. Giger also had a phobia of worms and snakes.
* BodyHorror: Tons of it.
* DieselPunk: Giger's art gives the impression that he was raped by a diesel engine when he was a child.
** The engine part is debatable, but, speaking of childhood trauma, one of his birthday gifts ''was'' a genuine human skull. Presented by his father, a town's chemist, no less.
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: Giger suffered from intense and frequent nightmares. The things he saw in those dreams inspired all of his paintings and drawings.
* EternalEngine: Whenever he decides to do a "landscape."
* EvilIsVisceral: Much of his artwork is based on this, thus leading to many of the subtropes of this.
* FanDisservice: Giger's artwork frequently features nudity and sexual situations, which tends to be more unsettling (or worse) than sensual (see NightmareFetishist below).
* FreudWasRight: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]]. His images often incorporate sexual imagery in more than one way.
* MadArtist: Those working with him invariably say that personally he's a very pleasant guy, but also note that he ''IS'' pretty weird.
* NightmareFetishist: He appears to be one, considering the sexual imagery common to his art and the fact that it was '''literally''' inspired by his night terrors. He even has a portfolio collection entitled ''Xenoerotica'', which is exactly what is sounds like.
* OrganicTechnology: Much of his art portrays humans fused with machines, or humans ''boning'' machines, or [[{{Squick}} humans that are fused with machines boning]] ''[[{{Squick}} other]]'' [[{{Squick}} humans fused with machines, etc.]] He even coined the term "biomechanical."
* PhallicWeapon: Inversion: Giger occasionally uses guns as a yonic metaphor. Google "Birth Machine" for an example.
* SurrealHorror