Long-time Creator/{{Nintendo}} affiliate company that originally started as PC developer for UsefulNotes/VIC20 and UsefulNotes/{{MSX}}, but from UsefulNotes/{{Famicom}} and onwards went completely Nintendo-exclusive. Starting as a coding and porting factory at first (with [[Creator/SatoruIwata one certain programmer]] taking over HAL and eventually Nintendo itself), as time went on HAL began it create its own [=IPs=], which all ultimately ended up under the Nintendo banner.

!!HAL Laboratory did:
* Videogame/AdventuresOfLolo
* Videogame/{{MOTHER}} series, including
** VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}
* Videogame/{{Kirby}}
* [[{{VideoGame/Picross}} Picross 3D]]
** and upcoming sequel on 3DS
* VideoGame/RevengeOfTheGator
* VideoGame/{{RollerBall}}
* VideoGame/SimCity ports on SNES and N64
* VideoGame/SuperSmashBros
* VideoGame/BoxBoy! on 3DS
* Vegas Dream
** Vegas Stakes