[[caption-width-right:345:Eliot circa 1860]]

George Eliot is the pen name of Mary Ann, or Marian, Evans (22 November 1819 22 December 1880), an English novelist. She was roughly contemporary with Creator/CharlesDickens, but started writing later than he did. Her first fiction, an installment of a story later collected in ''Scenes of Clerical Life'', was published in 1857, and her first novel, ''Adam Bede'', in 1859. Her best-known novels are ''Literature/SilasMarner'' and ''Literature/{{Middlemarch}}'', the latter usually being considered her masterpiece.

She wrote chiefly about rural, provincial middle-class life the subtitle of ''Middlemarch'' is "A Study of Provincial Life" and was a shrewd observer of people's thoughts and motivations, with a dry sense of humour.

Her novels are:
* ''Adam Bede'' (1859)
* ''Literature/TheMillOnTheFloss'' (1860)
* ''Literature/SilasMarner'' (1861)
* ''Literature/{{Romola}}'' (1863)
* ''Felix Holt'' (1866)
* ''Literature/{{Middlemarch}}'' (187172)
* ''Literature/DanielDeronda'' (1876)

Her other fiction includes:
* ''Scenes of Clerical Life'' (1858), a collection of three stories.

She also wrote poetry, and (despite having rejected her faith) translated religious works including Feuerbach's ''Essence of Christianity'' from the German. Perhaps of even more importance to tropers, she wrote ''Literature/SillyNovelsByLadyNovelists'', perhaps the first ever listing of MarySueTropes.

!!Works by George Eliot with their own trope pages include:
* ''Literature/SilasMarner''
* ''Literature/DanielDeronda''
* ''Literature/TheMillOnTheFloss''
* ''Literature/{{Middlemarch}}''
* ''Literature/{{Romola}}''
* ''Literature/SillyNovelsByLadyNovelists''
!!Other works by George Eliot provide examples of:
* MoustacheDePlume: Eliot is one of the best-known examples.