Gene Stratton-Porter (birth name Geneva Grace Stratton) was a 19th-century author nature books and children's books noted for their heavy use of natural themes and promotion of conservation. Her best known works are ''{{Literature/Freckles}}'' and ''A Girl of the Limberlost''.

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!!Works by Gene Stratton-Porter with their own pages include:
* ''{{Literature/Freckles}}''
* ''Literature/HerFathersDaughter''
* ''Literature/MichaelOHalloran''
* ''Literature/TheSongOfTheCardinal''
!!Other works by Gene Stratton-Porter contain examples of:
* AmbiguousGender: The Scout Master in ''The Keeper of the Bees'' also has a GenderBlenderName and the narration is very careful not to use pronouns, save in one place where "he" is unavoidable. [[spoiler:The Scout Master has taken extreme pains to keep her gender a secret.]]
* BlueBlood: Even American characters often have long pedigrees.
* BrideAndSwitch: In ''The Keeper of the Bees'', a young woman tells Jamie there is an unborn baby who needs a father. Jamie assumes she's speaking of herself and, having fallen in love with her on sight, agrees to marry her. When they call him to collect the baby, the mother is not the girl he married; [[spoiler: it's her sister.]]
* CinderellaCircumstances: Kate in ''A Daughter of the Land''
* DeathByChildbirth: Happens to the mother of Little Jamie in ''The Keeper of the Bees''.
* NatureLover: Constantly.
* ParentalMarriageVeto: The Bates sons in ''A Daughter Of the Land''.
* ThePatriarch: the father in ''A Daughter of the Land''.
* ReturningWarVet: Jamie Mac Farland in ''The Keeper of the Bees''. Mostly, he uses his common sense.
* TheRuntAtTheEnd: Kate in ''A Daughter of the Land''
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Agatha in ''A Daughter of the Land''