Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress. Born September 7th, 1987, her first starring role was in 2002's ''Little Secrets''. She was simultaneously starring in the TV series ''OnceAndAgain'', but her breakthrough role was her critically acclaimed performance in teen drama film ''Film/{{Thirteen}}'' in 2003 for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. She is known for mostly appearing in independent films and has acted in ''{{Pretty Persuasion}}'', ''Down in the Valley'', ''Film/RunningWithScissors'', ''Film/{{Barefoot}}'' and ''Film/AcrossTheUniverse''. She is now probably best known for her role as Queen Sophie Anne on ''Series/TrueBlood'', and is slated to appear in the upcoming TV adaptation of ''Film/{{Westworld}}''. She is the former fiance of Music/MarilynManson and recently married Jamie Bell (then separated from him less than two years later).

* BiTheWay: Came out as bisexual in 2012.
* FormerChildStar