Eric Bauza (full name Eric Adrian Bauza, born December 7, 1979) is a Canadian-American animator-turned-voice actor and stand up comedian who, despite being a bit newer to the biz next to his contemporaries, has made quite the presence as of late.

He got his start as a character designer at various studios, which acquainted him with the animation world, and he would soon get his first big role on the short lived 2003 revival of WesternAnimation/RenAndStimpy as the new voice of the titular Stimpy. Over the past decade since, he has built up a considerable resume that includes WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents, WesternAnimation/ElTigreTheAdventuresOfMannyRivera, and more recently, WesternAnimation/Ben10Omniverse, WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa, and WesternAnimation/{{Breadwinners}} His versatility has also led him to be picked as the new voice of Marvin the Martian in WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow and Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck in VideoGame/DuckTales [[VideoGameRemake Remastered]].

He can also be found on more adult oriented fare, including several Channel 101 shorts.

!!Notable roles include:
* Stimpy in ''WesternAnimation/RenAndStimpy Adult Party Cartoon'', replacing Creator/BillyWest
** He would voice Stimpy again in ''VideoGame/NicktoonsMLB''
* Foop ([[CousinOliver Poof]]'s [[EvilCounterpart anti-fairy counterpart]]) in ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents''.
* White Pantera / Rodolfo Rivera in ''WesternAnimation/ElTigreTheAdventuresOfMannyRivera''
* Marvin the Martian in ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow''
* Destro and Storm Shadow in ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeResolute''
* Tiger Claw in ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012''
* Belly Bag and Hot Dog Person in ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa''
* Buhdeuce in ''WesternAnimation/{{Breadwinners}}''
* Raimundo, Jack Spicer, and Panda Bubba in ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinChronicles'', replacing Creator/TomKenny, Creator/DannyCooksey, and Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson
* Chet in ''WesternAnimation/TurboFAST''