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[[caption-width-right:200:[[ChekhovsBoomerang ODA NEVER FORGETS.]]]]

Eiichiro Oda (尾田 栄一郎, born January 1, 1975) is the creator of the long-running {{Shonen}} {{Manga}} ''Franchise/OnePiece'', which is over eight hundred chapters in length and still going strong. Noted for his unusual art style and eccentric and imaginative character designs.

He got his start in drawing pictures from his father, who had a hobby as an oil painter. In middle school, Oda became a soccer player, inspired by the manga ''Manga/CaptainTsubasa''. He began drawing manga during his second year there. At the time, Oda developed an interest in writing stories on pirates after watching the animated adaptation of ''Literature/VickyTheViking''. During his last year as a high school student, Oda quit the soccer club and turned his passion to manga.

While still in high school, Oda wrote and published his first work, ''[[Manga/OnePieceWanted Wanted!]]'' and won the Tezuka Award from ''Magazine/ShonenJump''. After ''Wanted!'', he studied at Kyushu Tokai University for one year before he dropped out to work as an assistant to manga artist such as Shinobu Kaitani, Masaya Tokuhiro, and Nobuhiro Watsuki. In 1996, he published ''Romance Dawn'' and with it's success, began work on ''One Piece''.

In November 2004, Oda married actress Chiaki Inaba after dating for two years and he has two children.

Despite having been in the industry for half his life, he is still known for having a fanboyish love of manga in general, especially ''Franchise/DragonBall''. His playful approach to his work has won him a lot of fans. He often takes breaks after a couple of weeks, either because of research reasons or because of health issues, since it's known that he does not sleep very long a day. Those breaks last usually only a week, though.

!!Eiichiro Oda and his works provide examples of:
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* AuthorAppeal:
** Crossdressers. In the character design notes for ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'', Creator/NobuhiroWatsuki says that Kamatari, a crossdressing character, was inspired by one of his assistants suggesting a character based on the pun, an "okama with an o-kama", or a "crossdresser with a large scythe". Although the assistant is not named, because of this trope, everybody guessed that this assistant was Eiichiro Oda. In a later interview, Nobuhiro Watsuki confirmed that [[IKnewIt this guess was true]]. Watsuki explains that the original concept for Kamatari was a masculine looking crossdresser with effeminate mannerisms like the crossdressers in ''One Piece'' (Mr. 2 anyone?), but Watsuki had trouble drawing such a character and ended up making Kamatari [[DudeLooksLikeALady a pretty crossdresser]].
** [[FunnyAfro Afros.]]
** Sunglasses are possibly a new appeal of his. Several characters suddenly wear sunglasses in their post-TimeSkip design (Robin, Smoker, Pappug), and the same goes for unusually many of the characters introduced later in the series (though several of the "older" characters also have sunglasses). However, a reason for this may also be that the characters are drawn with sunglasses because it hides their eyes, and if he doesn't have to think of new types of eyes for every new character design, the CastOfSnowflakes tendency is easier to retain (or at least he can trick the readers into thinking it is always retained).
** Animals. Though according to himself, it's not as much that he loves animals, he just loves drawing them. That said, Oda is hardly an animal hater with how a noteworthy lot of the named characters in One Piece are animals (mostly minor characters, but also a couple majors and one main character), and random animals are featured on 99 % of all title pages (except for the canon cover stories).
** Absurdly proportioned characters. There's no shortage of massive/tall humans that tower over people, let alone actual giants.
** Women with [[BuxomIsBetter large breasts]] and [[ImpossibleHourglassFigure impossible hourglass figures]] in {{Stripperiffic}} outfits.
* ArtEvolution: His art progressively became less cartoony, character designs (especially his women) are now more diverse, and his panel settings are also more detailed.
* BreakthroughHit: It was ''One Piece'' that launched his career.
* CastOfSnowflakes: Indisputably a master of this trope, especially as ''One Piece'' went into its later years. He ''may'' be starting to slack a bit off on this tendency by drawing sunglasses on the characters (check the entry of AuthorAppeal above), but even if he is, he is still much better than most of his mangaka peers.
* ChekhovsGunman: Flip to a page in One Piece, any page. You see that funky looking character in the background? He/She is going to be important later. Brook's introduction was cut out of the original One Piece english dub because the dubbing company assumed it was filler.
* CreatorBreakdown:
** While working on ''One Piece'', Oda's anxiousness of waiting for his wife's birth inspired him to develop Ace's relationship with Gold Roger.
** It's been joked (and outright stated) by Toei that the reason the amount of fanservice spiked upward was because of Oda getting married to a gorgeous Ex-CosplayOtakuGirl like Chiaki and being horny for her all the time - and to the displeasure of fans who liked the general lack of such things in the manga early on. For a guy who prefers not emphasizing romance that's not an obvious huge joke in his stories, he sure is a massive softie for his family.
* {{Fanservice}}: He puts fan service in his manga quite frequently.
* {{Gonk}}: Some of his characters of all shapes and sizes are this.
* ItRunsOnNonsensoleum: Many of Oda's SBS answers to questions about how things work in the series. And many of the in-universe explanations, for that matter. How does Zorro talk with a sword in his mouth? His heart does the talking for him.
* NamesTheSame: Why he's apparently a fan of UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga.
* OneOfUs: A huge fan of ''Franchise/DragonBall'', ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'', Creator/TimBurton and Music/{{Eminem}}? Not to mention marrying a super fine CosplayOtakuGirl, which must be the dream of every geek. He's also a fan of Creator/QuentinTarantino? His fannishness winds up in his manga, too: the Admirals are each based on a Japanese actor, Ivankov is based on [[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow Dr. Frank-N-Furter]], and of course ''[[Music/MichaelJackson Thriller]]'' Bark. As for main crew members, Brook is based heavily on Michael Jackson and [[Music/GunsNRoses Saul "Slash" Hudson]], and Franky was originally inspired by Creator/JimCarrey, especially as Film/AceVentura.
* ThePerfectionist: At least what his interviews give away. He wonít allow his assistants to draw anything that moves since it may result in an art shift. Check. He writes a movie script, and after that starts from scratch since he isnít satisfied with it and delays the whole production because of it. The end result? ''[[Anime/OnePieceStrongWorld Strong World.]]'' Check. Additionally, there are several breaks around the year when a new chapter won't appear in Jump and the explanation is always "The author doing research".
* PromotedFanboy: A fan of shonen fighting manga is now one of the biggest names in the business.
* TheRival: Sees the ''Anime/PrettyCure'' series as this in the anime, since his children love the show more than ''One Piece''. He declares that he'll take down ''Pretty Cure''.
** Also, to ''Manga/{{Toriko}}''.
** And of course, to ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''. [[WordOfGod Oda himself]] declared Creator/MasashiKishimoto [[WorthyOpponent his friend and rival]] and thanked him for his hard work over fifteen years. In an interview, Oda states that Kishimoto called Oda "Sensei" (According to Kishimoto, it was because when they met, Oda was in Jump for two years already and made quite a name for himself while Kishimoto was still fairly new at the time), which Oda answered: "Please, never call me like that again." He also states that ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' had, in a sense, driven him to make of ''Manga/OnePiece'' an even better story.
* ShipSinking: Oda could be an admiral himself with all the ships he sinks. Indeed, it seems he has a fondness for trolling the fanbase with false flags when it comes to any serious signs of romance, at least when it comes to the Straw Hats themsleves.
* ShoutOut:
** A lot to ''Anime/DragonBallZ'', and to soccer.
** There's even a shout out to his shout-outs: his love of soccer is spoofed in one of the theatrical shorts, which has a character named "Odacchi" whose head sports a soccer ball pattern and is voiced by Oda himself.
* ShrugOfGod: {{Inverted|Trope}}. It doesn't matter what the question is, Oda has an answer. No matter how crazy it seems. Or [[PowerPerversionPotential how perverted the question is]].
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: When asked why a door that was broken in one scene was intact soon after, he claimed a carpenter appeared off-screen and fixed it, and it certainly wasn't a mistake.
* TrollingCreator:
** He was told by Creator/KazukiYao regarding what hairstyles he doesn't want Franky to have in ''One Piece''. Guess which character inexplicably got a new hairstyle every chapter.
** Not to mention that the week-long break after the revelation of Gear Fourth left fans dumbfounded.
* VoodooShark: His answers generally lead to more questions. Which then lead to awesome answers, including those to questions you didn't even know you had.
* WorldBuilding: Boy does he love it! Heís been creating fictional islands and worlds for [[LongRunner over 20 years]]!