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Edmund [=McMillen=] is an indie game creator, formerly a comic author, who made a name for himself by creating flash games, but got more well known for ''Super Meat Boy'', a sequel to one of his flash games.

His games and comics include the following: (this is in no way a complete list!)

* ''Dead Babies''
* ''This is a Cry for Help''
* ''Thicker Than Water''
* ''VideoGame/{{Triachnid}}''
* ''VideoGame/GreyMatter''
* ''VideoGame/{{Aether}}''
* ''VideoGame/{{Spewer}}''
* ''VideoGame/MeatBoy''
* ''VideoGame/TimeFcuk''
* ''VideoGame/{{Coil}}''
* ''VideoGame/{{Gish}}''
* ''Super Meat Boy'', the sequel to ''Meat Boy''.
* ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac''
** Wrath of the Lamb DLC
* The Basement Collection, a collection of several of his older flash games, comics, and misc. art.

Upcoming projects from Edmund may (or may not) include:

* ''VideoGame/MewGenics''
* Game #2 (codename)
* Super Meat Boy: The Game, the third Meat Boy game.
* A secret game!
* ''The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth'', a "requel" featuring a new, 16-bit art style and new content.
* Possibly a metroidvania.
* Sequels or remakes to his old flash games.