->''"That was really amazing to me that he would have that power. To stand in front of a group of people and say: 'This is what I think is funny and I'm gonna make you laugh.' and do it."''
-->-- '''Charlie Murphy''' on his younger brother Eddie.

'''Edward Regan "Eddie" Murphy''' (born April 3, 1961) is an American actor, voice actor, film director, producer, comedian and singer. He is the second-highest grossing lead actor in motion picture history. He was a regular cast member on ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' from 1980 to 1984 -- keeping that show afloat at a time when it was floundering so badly that Creator/{{NBC}} was considering cancellation [[note]]At the time, Eddie Murphy was ''SNL'''s youngest cast member to join at the age of 19. He was beaten by Anthony Michael Hall -- who was 17 years old -- when Hall joined the cast in 1985. Murphy is still considered the youngest black male cast member to join the cast, despite the upset[[/note]] -- and worked as a stand-up comedian throughout TheEighties. He was ranked #10 on Creator/ComedyCentral's list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time.

On ''Saturday Night Live'', he's known for appearing with Joe Piscopo in a lot of sketches (to the point that the cast members and fans thought they were stealing the spotlight), his recurring characters Mr. Robinson (a poor, black, urban take on Mr. Rogers, who first appeared on the Jean Doumanian episode that gave NBC a reason to kick her off the show[[note]]you know, the one where Charles Rocket casually says, "I'd like to know who the fuck did it," after being shot during a sketch[[/note]], but didn't become popular until Dick Ebersol took over), Buckwheat from ''Film/TheLittleRascals'' (whose character was assassinated, then brought back from the dead), Dion (a CampGay hairstylist), AngryBlackMan Raheem Abdul Mohammed, poetic prisoner Tyrone Green, sleazy salesman Velvet Jones (the "I Wanna Be a Ho" Guide), and Gumby as an old, Jewish man. His celebrity impressions, though small, included Creator/BillCosby, Music/JamesBrown (the singer, not the football commentator), the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Creator/MrT, Creator/JerryLewis (in a ''Two Faces of Eve'' film parody with Joe Piscopo as the older, embittered Vegas hanger-on take on Lewis while Murphy played the loud, bucktoothed, childish moron version of him), and Music/StevieWonder. Eddie Murphy is also the first (and, so far, only) ''Saturday Night Live'' cast member to host the show while still a cast member, a decision that has been cited by the cast at the time as a low point for the show and a sign that Dick Ebersol cared more about making Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo popular rather than give the other cast members (Gary Kroeger, a pre-''Seinfeld'' Creator/JuliaLouisDreyfus, Mary Gross, Tim Kazurinsky, and Brad Hall) a chance at being funny.

In 1983, he took the world of stand-up comedy by storm with his special ''Delirious'', earning him the title of "the first rock star comedian." It continues to be memetically popular with the new generation, featuring memorable sketches such as his drunk [[ClusterFBomb foul-mouthed]] dad, his shoe-throwing mom, his overweight moustached Aunt Bonnie who fell down the stairs (My Shoe!) and is rumored to be Bigfoot (GOONIE GOO GOO!), portraying Creator/MrT and [[Series/TheHoneymooners Ralph Kramden]] as homosexuals, portraying Music/MichaelJackson as a very sensitive young man, discussing offended African-Americans on his portrayal of Stevie Wonder and much much more.

Amongst his Eighties film roles, he was best-known for playing Axel Foley in the ''Film/BeverlyHillsCop'' series; he also helped popularize SaltAndPepper pairings with his work in ''[[Film/FortyEightHours 48 Hrs.]]'' (his film debut) and ''Film/TradingPlaces''. In 2007, he won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for playing soul singer James "Thunder" Early in ''{{Theatre/Dreamgirls}}'', a role which also received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In case you can't tell yet, Murphy was ''absolutely huge'' in the '80s. He even scored a chart-topping pop hit with "Party All the Time" in 1985; people bought the (notably bland) song entirely because it was Murphy and Rick James. The song even appears in the soundtrack to (of all things) ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV''.

In some of his films he plays multiple roles in addition to his main character, intended as a tribute to one of his idols, Creator/PeterSellers, who played multiple roles in ''Film/DrStrangelove'' and elsewhere. Murphy has played multiple roles in ''Film/ComingToAmerica'', Creator/WesCraven's ''Film/VampireInBrooklyn'', ''Film/{{The Nutty Professor|1996}}'' films (where he played the title role in two incarnations, plus his father, uncle, mother and grandmother), ''Film/{{Bowfinger}}'' and 2007's ''Film/{{Norbit}}''.

After voicing Mushu the dragon in Disney's ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'', Murphy's work as a voice actor went on to include Thurgood Stubbs in ''WesternAnimation/ThePJs'' and Donkey in the ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}'' series.

His brother Charlie was a regular on ''Series/ChappellesShow'', played Ed Wuncler III in ''WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks'', and had a regular role as Vic Hargrove in ''Series/BlackJesus''. He even appeared in a cameo as himself in a segment from ''Series/OneThousandWaysToDie''.

Unfortunately, as the 1990's and 2000's rolled around, Eddie's career took a turn for the worse, hitting rock bottom when ''Film/TheAdventuresOfPlutoNash'' became one of the [[BoxOfficeBomb all-time biggest flops, with a budget of $100 million dollars and a worldwide gross of $7.1 million]]. He had a brief resurgence of quality with the ''WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}'' films and ''Theatre/{{Dreamgirls}}'', but he has yet to have a hit film since then.

!His roles provide examples of:

* AlterKocker: Loves playing these, almost always while in [[FakeNationality heavy Caucasian makeup]]. His performance as one in ''Film/ComingToAmerica'' provides the trope's page image.
* AssShove: "Boogie In Your Butt".
* BlackAndNerdy: His role as Norbit in the movie ''Norbit'' and also his role as Jiff in ''Bowfinger'' and as Professor Sherman Klump in ''The Nutty Professor''.
* BrokenPedestal: Had this for Creator/BillCosby. Murphy recalled on ''Raw'' that he was so excited to get a call from Cosby after ''Delirious'' was a hit. Cosby proceeded to dress down the younger comic and browbeat him about his "dirty" act.
* ClusterFBomb: When doing stand up he has a very filthy mouth.
* CowboyCop: Axel Foley in ''Beverly Hills Cop''. The movie starts with Eddie's character causing wide-spread property damage during a chase that resulted from an unauthorized sting.
* FanDisservice: Rasputia in a two-piece swimsuit is not a nice sight to see.
* FascinatingEyebrow: A good portion of the cover art/posters for his movies has Murphy with a raised eyebrow.
* FatSuit: In ''Nutty Professor'' and ''Norbit'' he wore a fat suit, as he's actually quite skinny.
%%* {{Jerkass}}: Slide in Film/TowerHeist.
* LargeHam: In many of his works.
%%* LovableSexManiac: Reggie in ''48 Hours''.
* MicDrop: ''Delirious'' features one of the earliest mic drops on film, in 1983.
* MotorMouth: Used to great effect in his comedies.
%%* NoIndoorVoice
%%* NWordPrivileges
* NonHumanSidekick: Donkey in the animated movie ''Shrek'' is [[CaptainObvious a donkey]] sidekick to Shrek, an ogre. Mushu in ''Mulan'' is a dragon sidekick to Mulan, a human.
* OlderThanTheyLook: At 56, he still looks the way he was thirty years ago.
* RatedGForGangsta: He started his career as a cast member of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'', then moved on to foul-mouthed standup comedy. His first movie roles were primarily in R-rated comedies, then turned to more family-friendly fare in the 1990's and into the 2000's. As of today, he has proclaimed that he has moved on to more mature roles.
* SaltAndPepper: In ''48 Hours'' alongside Creator/NickNolte, the ''Beverly Hills Cop'' trilogy alongside Creator/JudgeReinhold, and ''Showtime'' alongside Creator/RobertDeNiro.
%%* SassyBlackWoman: Rasputia in ''Norbit''.
* SchmuckBait: In recalling his phone call with Bill Cosby in ''Raw'', when the Cos admonished Eddie for saying "[[GoshDarnItToHeck filth flarn filth!]]", Eddie [[ObfuscatingStupidity played dumb]] for a while ("[[ExactWords I never said no 'filth flarn flith']] and I'm offended you called, fuck you!") until he was able to bait Bill into saying the F-bomb ("Youuuu cannot say...[[PrecisionFStrike FUCK!]]...in front of people!").[[note]]This was exaggerated for RuleOfFunny; although he disagreed with Cosby's assessment of his act, Murphy said he stayed respectful throughout the call, as opposed to telling Cosby to fuck off.[[/note]]
* SelfDeprecation: His Buddy Love persona in ''The Nutty Professor'' is a big Take That against what he was known as during his slumping career in the early 1990s, when he was starting to get a reputation for being overly obnoxious and self-absorbed.
%%* SoulBrotha: In ''Mulan'' as Mushu also Slide in ''Film/TowerHeist'' .
* TalkingAnimal: Donkey in the ''Shrek'' film series. He's a talking donkey.
%%* TwoHitWonder: "Party All the Time" (1985) and "Put Your Mouth on Me" (1989).
%%* UncleTomfoolery: His characters in ''Trading Places'' and ''I Spy''.
%%* WhiteDudeBlackDude: In his stand up routines.