[[caption-width-right:250:[[CatchPhrase You're fired.]]]]

'''Donald Trump''' (June 14, 1946-) is a real estate mogul and billionaire. His primary contribution to the world of storytelling is a RealityShow named ''Series/TheApprentice''.

His [[TheEighties 1987]] novel, ''The Art of the Deal'', sold ''extremely'' well as people began to identify him with American entrepreneurship and shrewd power brokering. It was around this time that Trump started to appear AsHimself in television {{Dom Com}}s and films, including ''Film/HomeAlone2'' and ''Film/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'', where the characters invariably treat him with a reverence usually reserved for royalty. His golden boy image took a beating in TheNineties as the result of bankruptcies (which he insists were actually [[IMeantToDoThat strategic business decisions]]), a much-publicized extramarital affair, and mounting debt (partly as a result of the 1980s recession), but he managed to bounce back.

Since 2004, Trump starred in ''Series/TheApprentice'', his own reality TV series (created by Creator/MarkBurnett, the brains behind ''Series/{{Survivor}}'') on Creator/{{NBC}}. The show consists of a selection of candidates competing against each other for an open slot in one of Trump's companies. The program was wildly successful for the first few seasons, however, the popularity has been declining since.

Trump briefly ran for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012. His campaign was based partially on the "[[ConspiracyTheorist birther]]" theory that Obama was not a natural-born United States citizen, but after a copy of Hawaiian hospital records for President UsefulNotes/BarackObama appeared, the campaign quietly went away.

In 2015, Trump again announced his intent to run for president. His campaign was marked by controversy, this time enough to cause several companies to end their business deals with him; the Creator/{{NBC}} and Creator/{{Univision}} have refused to air the annual Miss USA pagent, and NBC will be continuing ''Series/TheApprentice'' without Trump as the host.

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 9th, 2016, after an extended voting period, UsefulNotes/{{Pennsylvania}} and Wisconsin returned as Republican: the 30 Electoral College votes pushed Trump over 270 (giving him 275), and he was unofficially declared President-Elect. Minutes later, UsefulNotes/HillaryClinton reportedly telephoned Trump with her concession, and as soon as Creator/{{FOX}} News announced the win, he accepted the position -- thanking Mike Pence, Clinton, and his wife and children.

!! The works of Donald Trump provide examples of:

* ArchEnemy:
** He's hosted two {{Wrestlemania}}s and been an active participant in Wrestling/{{WWE}} promos, highlighted by his "feud" with rival CEO Wrestling/VinceMcMahon.
** In ''Series/JustShootMe'', they use Donald Trump as the SitcomArchNemesis to Jack Gallo, [[TheGhost but he never appears onscreen.]]
* BrooklynRage: Made efforts to cultivate this image over the years, despite not being native. Trump's persona is that of a [[NouveauRiche straight-talking]], tough New Yorker whose face resembles a pit bull in repose.
* {{Catchphrase}}: From ''Series/TheApprentice'', "[Insert name here], you're fired." Inverted regularly in season finales, when he announces "You're hired."
* DisproportionateReward: According to a story, after Trump's limo broke down during a trip to Atlantic City, a husband and wife stopped behind him and helped get the limo going again, and Trump later paid for the deed to their house on their behalf. Trump confirmed this story as true during the third season of ''The Apprentice''.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}: [[http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/03/trump-gay-people-should-n_n_856951.html He opposes gay marriage because of new trends in golf putter preference.]]
* SitcomArchNemesis: The sitcom ''Series/JustShootMe'' use Donald Trump as [[TheGhost an offscreen rival]] of character Jack Gallo.