->''"I must break you."''
-->-- ''Film/RockyIV''

Hans "Dolph" Lundgren (born 3 November 1957) is an actor from Sweden, often viewed as "the poor man's Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger" (but is no less of a MrFanservice). He has won European and Australian karate championships, as well as represented the United States in the 1996 Summer Olympics in pentathlon. He may be one of the best RealLife examples of HiddenDepths, as despite being famous for playing DumbMuscle characters, [[GeniusBruiser he has a master's degree in chemical engineering.]] He is rumoured to have a genius-level IQ, but he denies it.[[note]]In the commercials for ''Brain Games'' on the National Geographic channel he mentions that he has an IQ of 160 (which ''is'' genius level), as well as his master's degree in chemical engineering.[[/note]]

Lundgren's first foray in the film industry was a minor role in ''Film/AViewToAKill'' as a KGB mook, Venz, who has two seconds of screentime. He got this role thanks to his then-girlfriend Creator/GraceJones. After that, he got his breakthrough role in ''Film/RockyIV'' as the Russian boxer Ivan Drago, which launched his career in action movies.

Lundgren's first starring role was in the LiveActionAdaptation of ''Film/MastersOfTheUniverse'' as He-Man in 1987, whose fight against Skeletor is taken to Earth. This was followed by ''Franchise/{{Rambo}}''-esque ''Film/RedScorpion'' in 1988, where he plays a Soviet special ops soldier who is sent on an assignment in Africa but ultimately turns against his own after witnessing the atrocities they have committed. After that he was cast in the comic book film ''[[Film/ThePunisher1989 The Punisher]]'' in 1989, where he played the titular vigilante and got bad press for not wearing the [[ClothesMakeTheLegend iconic skull shirt]].

At about the mid 90's, Lundgren gradually disappeared from the consciousness of the movie-going audiences but remained active doing smaller DTV movies. After his time in ''Film/TheExpendables'' along with an AllStarCast, he had something of a CareerResurrection, including prominent roles in ''Series/{{Arrow}}'' and ''Film/{{Aquaman}}''.

Some people consider him proof that the axiom "All other factors in a fight being equal, the biggest guy wins", especially after watching him knock Jet Li on his butt in ''Film/TheExpendables''.

True fact: a bunch of [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/spain/5224797/Thieves-flee-after-breaking-into-Dolph-Lundgrens-Spanish-home.html burglars broke into his house and tied up his wife in 2009]]. Luckily, before they got to anything serious they saw a family photo and realized ''[[OhCrap they had just tied up Dolph Lundgren's wife.]]'' This was in itself enough reason for them to let her go and run away very quickly, thus also saving some wear and tear on the he-man sword.

!!Other notable films:

* ''Film/IComeInPeace'' (1990) in which he plays CowboyCop Jack Caine, who is put against a drug-addicted alien. Also known as ''Dark Angel''.
* ''Film/ShowdownInLittleTokyo'' (1991). In this movie he fights [[Film/MortalKombat Shang Tsung]], makes love to Series/RelicHunter and his [[GagPenis penis size]] is praised by [[Film/TheCrow Eric Draven]]. Truly, a chain of feats that can only be pulled by the one and only Dolph Lundgren.
* ''Film/UniversalSoldier'' (1992), where he and Creator/JeanClaudeVanDamme play feuding Vietnam vets who after death are re-used in military's experimental [=UniSol=] project, which then goes haywire when the two start remembering who they were in the past. A defining film of TheNineties action movie scene.
* ''Film/ArmyOfOne'' (1993) in which he plays Wellman Santee, who is escaping the law and must [[ClearMyName clear his name]]. He drives a CoolCar, kills a warehouseful of Asians and makes love to [[Series/DaysOfOurLives Hope Brady]] along the way. Also known as ''Joshua Tree''.
* ''Film/MenOfWar'' (1994), where he plays Nick Gunnar, a Swedish mercenary who is hired along with a RagtagBunchOfMisfits to coerce the inhabitants of a remote island to give a greedy MegaCorp the rights to exploit their natural resources... only to pull a HeelFaceTurn after finding out that they're after more than natural resources. Cue our Swedish badass almost single-handedly decimating an army of [[{{Mooks}} hired goons]] with a friggin' [[Videogame/MetalSlug RAWKET LAWNCHAIR]].
* ''Film/JohnnyMnemonic'' (1995) in which he plays a ChurchMilitant street preacher who is after the titular hero.
* ''Bridge of Dragons'' (1999) in which he plays a guy called Warchild and fights [[Film/MortalKombat Shang Tsung]] ''again''. Titular bridge doesn't appear in the movie at all.
* ''Detention'' (2003) in which he plays a BadassTeacher who [[SaveOurStudents inspires bunch of detention students]] while battling violent criminals in [[DieHardOnAnX Die Hard On A High School]].
* ''Film/FatSlags'' (2004) in a quick appearance as Randy.
* ''Missionary Man'' (2007), a modern-day western in which he wrote, directed and played a tequila-drinking, shotgun-toting, motor-biking, Bible-reading vigilante out to save a town from a gang of Hell's Angels that [[spoiler: may or may not have shot him dead]] some time in the past.
* ''Film/TheExpendables'' (2010), where he plays Gunnar Jensen, who is the SixthRanger PsychoPartyMember of a mercenary team consisting of [[Franchise/{{Rambo}} John Rambo]], Film/DannyTheDog, [[Film/TheTransporter Frank Martin]], [[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3 Cmdr. Warren Fuller]] and [[Series/EverybodyHatesChris Chris Rock's dad]]. And they're all hired by [[Franchise/DieHard Lt. John McClane]], who was just transferred to the CIA. He returns in the sequels, firmly on the side of the heroes.
* ''Film/InTheNameOfTheKing2TwoWorlds'' (2011) is a dip into Creator/UweBoll territory in this DTV sequel to ''Film/InTheNameOfTheKing''. Lundgren stars as Granger, a modern-day badass who is sucked into a fantasy world (largely comprising a styrofoam castle in a Canadian forest) to fight its corrupt king.
* ''Film/SkinTrade'' (2014), where he plays a cop on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge against the human trafficking ring that killed his family.
* ''Film/TourDePharmacy'' (2017), where he plays an Austrian cyclist ([[OohMeAccentsSlipping with a Swedish accent]]) who reflects on his past steroid use (it's a comedy).
* ''Film/Sharknado5GlobalSwarming'' (2017), where he plays the FutureBadass version of the hero Fin Shepard's son Little Gil.
* ''Film/{{Aquaman}}'' (2018), where he plays King Nereus, Orin/Aquaman's rival claiming Mera as his own wife.