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Discovery Channel is a cable television channel which began broadcasting in June [[TheEighties 1985]]. It used to be a ScienceShow oriented network. Nowadays, [[NetworkDecay it's kind of hard to tell]]. Most notable for being the network with ''Series/MythBusters'', ''Series/ManVsWild'', ''Series/DeadliestCatch'' and ''Series/DirtyJobs''. Also has a [[ThreateningShark Shark Week]] every year since 1987, usually in mid-summer. Their current slogan is ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at_f98qOGY0 literally]]'' {{The World is Just Awesome}}. They often employ the DocuDrama approach to their shows.

[[DuelingShows Often seen as competing with]] Creator/TheHistoryChannel; both in the days when the two networks primarily aired educational programming and today in [[SnarkBait the race to become Network Decay's poster child]].

In 2006 TLC along with DiscoveryChannel (During the Discover Kids Block) used to have a weekday morning block aimed at children called "Ready Set Learn" that only ran for one year. The block starred a penguin named Pazz along with his mother and would have a short animated segments starring the Penguin between commercials breaks for shows that aired on that block.

!!Shows on this network:
* ''Series/AmericanChopper''
* ''Series/AmericanGuns''
* ''Series/AmishMafia''
* ''Series/AnimalFaceOff''
* ''Series/AuctionKings''
* ''Series/BeringSeaGold''
* ''Series/BloodAndOil''
* ''Series/CashCab''
* ''Series/ClashOfTheDinosaurs''
* ''Series/TheColony''
* ''Series/DeadliestCatch''
* ''Series/TheDevilsRide''
* ''Series/DinoLab''
* ''Series/DinosaurPlanet''
* ''Series/DinosaurRevolution''
* ''Series/DirtyJobs''
* ''Series/DiscoveryAtlas''
* ''Series/DoomsdayBunkers''
* ''Series/DualSurvival''
* ''Series/FightQuest''
* ''Series/FinalOffer''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Fishtronaut}}'' (Discovery Kids)
* ''Series/GoldRush''
* ''Series/HowItsMade''
* ''Series/IditarodTheToughestRaceOnEarth''
* ''Series/ItTakesAThief2005''
* ''Series/JunkRaiders''
* ''Series/ManVsWild''
* ''WesternAnimation/MarchOfTheDinosaurs'' (although this was originally produced by {{ITV}})
* ''Series/MonstersResurrected''
* ''Series/{{Moonshiners}}''
* ''Series/{{MythBusters}}''
* ''Series/NakedAndAfraid''
* ''Series/NakedAndAfraidXL''
* ''Series/{{Oddities}}''
* ''Series/PennAndTellerTellALie''
* ''Series/SonsOfGuns''
* ''Series/StormChasers''
* ''Film/{{Supervolcano}}''
* ''Series/SurvivingTheCut''
* ''Series/{{Survivorman}}''
* ''Series/ValleyOfTheTRex''
* ''Series/WeirdOrWhat''
* ''Series/WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong''
* ''WesternAnimation/WhenDinosaursRoamedAmerica''

!!Ready Set Learn:
* WesternAnimation/TheMagicSchoolBus
* WesternAnimation/TimothyGoesToSchool
* WesternAnimation/TheSaveUms
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