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'''Digital Pictures''' was a video game company founded in 1991 by Tom Zito and Ken Melville, and collapsed by the end of the decade. Today they are most well-known for their library of FullMotionVideo games released on the SegaCD.

Whilst their games make up a sizable amount of the Sega CD's library, several of them were ported over to the ThreeDO and SegaSaturn. However, their first efforts were originally designed in the 80's for Hasbro's abandoned NEMO console; the assets would later be dug up and used for their Sega CD games.

Games developed include:
* ''Corpse Killer''
* ''VideoGame/NightTrap''
* ''VideoGame/SewerShark''
* ''Make My Video'' series
* ''VideoGame/GroundZeroTexas''
* ''Slam City''
* ''VideoGame/DoubleSwitch''
* ''Quarterback Attack''
* ''Supreme Warrior''
* ''Kids on Site''
* ''Midnight Raiders''
* ''Prize Fighter''
* ''Citizen X'' (unfinished)

!!Tropes applied to the company and their output:

* KaizoTrap: They're fond of this one. Even just sitting and watching the intro cutscenes will often deny you HundredPercentCompletion, if they don't give you a NonstandardGameOver outright.
* TheNewRockAndRoll: ''Night Trap'' attracted controversy alongside ''VideoGame/MortalKombat'' and ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}'' for supposedly promoting adult content and graphic violence to minors, eventually forming the ESRB.
* RailShooter: ''Corpse Killer'' and ''Sewer Shark''.
* ShoutOut: Most if not all of their games (at least for the SegaCD) had a track that when played on a regular CD player (or the Sega CD's CD player) was apparently one to Music/TheBeatles combined with SubliminalSeduction [[note]]And is supposedly a hint for Sewer Shark.[[/note]]:
-->''(phone rings)''
-->"Good afternoon, Digital Pictures.
-->.enin rebmun ,enin rebmun ,enin rebmuN"
* StockFootage: The footage for ''Night Trap'' was filmed in the 80's, but was stored in a vault until being used for the Sega CD.
** Public domain stock footage is used extensively in ''Make My Video'', and ''Sewer Shark'' and ''Ground Zero Texas'' recycle enemy encounters and scenery frequently.
** A 2003 TV movie called ''Maximum Surge'' (also known on video as ''Game Over'') used about 35 minutes of stock footage from no less than four Digital Pictures games.
* TotallyRadical: Especially ''Make My Video''.