[[caption-width-right:250:[[{{Series/Dollhouse}} Is that real?]] Yes.]]
Dichen Lachman (born 1982) is an Australian actress. Lachman was born in Kathmandu, and lived in Nepal until she was eight years old, before her family moved to Adelaide, Australia. Her mother was born in India of Tibetan descent, and her father is an Australian.
* 2005-2007 ''Series/{{Neighbours}}'' as Katya Kinski
* 2009-2010 ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' as Sierra / Priya Tsetsang
* 2010 ''Series/NCISLosAngeles'' as Allison Pritchett/Allysia Takada
* 2010 ''Series/HawaiiFive0'' as Amy Hanamoa
* 2011 ''Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay'' as Lyn Peterfield
* 2012 ''Series/BeingHumanUS'' as Suren
* 2012 ''Series/TheGlades'' as Chef Lana Kim
* 2012 ''Series/LastResort'' as Tani Tumrenjack
* 2012 ''WebVideo/{{Husbands}}'' as Pillow Girl #1
* 2013 ''Series/CSICrimeSceneInvestigation'' as Jessica Lowell
* 2014 ''Series/{{The 100}}'' as Anya
* 2014-present ''Series/ShamelessUS'' as Angela
* 2014-2015 ''Series/AgentsOfShield'' as Jiaying
* FakeMixedRace: A rare inversion. She sometimes plays full-blooded Asian characters despite being biracial.
* FakeNationality: Has played several different people of varying Asian descent, an [[{{Mayincatec}} Aztec]] [[NubileSavage princess]], and an American CIA agent in ''Torchwood''.
* ItsPronouncedTroPAY: The "ch" in Dichen is a norman English "ch," but the "ch" in "Lachman" is more like a "k."
* LingerieScene: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNHhs2unV10 Here]].
* MsFanservice: A role she often slips into.
* PlaysGreatEthnics: Due to her borderline AmbiguouslyBrown features, she is popularly cast as any number of non-white characters.
* OneOfUs: Is a fan of ''Franchise/StarWars'' and has hinted she will appear in the rumored TV series.
* StatuesqueStunner: 5'8" and always portrayed as attractive.