[[caption-width-right:280:[[KnightFever Sir]] David Jason, OBE.[[note]]He was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1993 and knighted in 2005.[[/note]]]]

One of Britain's best known comedy actors (primarily). Started out in his 20s as a regular on the proto-MontyPython sketch show ''DoNotAdjustYourSet'', as well as doing bit parts in Ronnie Barker's ''{{Porridge}}'' and ''TheTwoRonnies'' (ironically, often made up to look like an old man) before securing the regular role of Granville on ''Series/OpenAllHours'', also alongside Barker. Jason is perhaps best known for his role as Del Boy Trotter in ''OnlyFoolsAndHorses'', although in recent years he's also become known for the more unusually straight-drama lead role of Inspector Jack Frost in ''ATouchOfFrost''.

A national treasure and immediately recognisable. ''Series/DeadRingers'' once did a sketch claiming that "on {{ITV}}, ''every night'' is David Jason Night" and that Creator/TheBBC planned to retaliate by running nothing but repeats of ''Only Fools and Horses''. Similarly, he was given top billing in the first two Sky One adaptations of ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels, ''Discworld/{{Hogfather}}'' and ''Film/TheColourOfMagic'', despite the fact that his role in the first (at least) was quite minor. It also didn't help that the leading character was a 7-foot-tall [[TheGrimReaper skeleton with a scythe]].

He also did the voices for many Creator/CosgroveHall cartoon characters, including WesternAnimation/{{Dangermouse}}, WesternAnimation/CountDuckula, and Mr. Toad in ''Literature/TheWindInTheWillows''. His first wife was Welsh actress [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myfanwy_Talog Myfanwy Talog]]; sadly, she died in 1995.

Currently he's the VA of Skipper on Creator/CosgroveHall's latest series, the preschooler-oriented WesternAnimation/PipAhoy.