David Duchovny (born 1960) is an American TV and film actor, and also a writer and director. His most famous role is Agent Fox Mulder of ''Series/TheXFiles''. He also hit it big as troubled writer Hank Moody on ''Series/{{Californication}}''.
* IAmNotSpock: "I am not Agent Mulder." Mulder is his most famous role. Even when the show was in its third season and was getting huge, people hinted it could continue with a film series a la ''Star Trek''. He did not wish it, not even then, fearing he would be typecast. He later said he would be OK with playing Fox Mulder forever, if the audience wanted to see it.
* StarMakingRole: He was known before, but Agent Fox Mulder of ''The X-Files'' turned him into a household name.
* WrittenByCastMember: He wrote and directed two episodes of ''The X-Files'', [[Recap/TheXFilesS06E19TheUnnatural "The Unnatural"]] and [[Recap/TheXFilesS07E19HollywoodAD "Hollywood A.D."]]. He also shares writing credits for several MythArc episodes.