->''"I've turned down jobs because I've said, 'Honestly, I can't find my way in. I can't do it. I love you, as a director. I think the script is good. You deserve better than I think I can do.'"''

David Duchovny (born August 7, 1960 in [[UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity New York, New York]]) is an American actor, writer, director, and producer known best for his role as Agent Fox Mulder on the hit Creator/{{Fox}} sci-fi show ''Series/TheXFiles''. Other notable roles Duchovny has taken in recent years are Hank Moody in ''Series/{{Californication}}'' and Sam Hodiak in the PeriodDrama ''Series/{{Aquarius}}'', the latter of which he also produces.

After an infamous contractual dispute, Duchovny was responsible for moving the filming location of ''Series/TheXFiles'' from Vancouver to Los Angeles from the show's sixth season on. Duchovny cited being closer to his then-wife actress Creator/TeaLeoni as the reason for this move, though after a rocky marriage into the TurnOfTheMillennium, the couple later divorced in 2014.

He kicked off something of a musical career in 2015 with the release of his first studio album ''Hell or Highwater''.
!!Notable roles by Duchovny:
* ''Series/TwinPeaks'': Denise[=/=]Dennis Bryson (1990-1991; 2017)
* ''Series/TheXFiles'': Special Agent Fox Mulder (1993-2002; 2008; 2016)
* ''Series/{{Californication}}'': Hank Moody (2007-2014)
* ''Series/{{Aquarius}}'': Sam Hodiak (2015-2016)

* ActorShipping: Some fans [[InvokedTrope ship him]] with TheXFiles co-star [[Creator/GillianAnderson Gillian Anderson]].
* IAmNotSpock: "I am not Agent Mulder." Mulder is his most famous role. Even when the show was in its third season and was getting huge, people hinted it could continue with a film series a la ''Star Trek''. He did not wish it, not even then, fearing he would be typecast. He later said he would be OK with playing Fox Mulder forever, if the audience wanted to see it.
* StarMakingRole: He was known before, but Agent Fox Mulder of ''The X-Files'' turned him into a household name.
* WrittenByCastMember: He wrote and directed two episodes of ''The X-Files'', [[Recap/TheXFilesS06E19TheUnnatural "The Unnatural"]] and [[Recap/TheXFilesS07E19HollywoodAD "Hollywood A.D."]]. He also shares writing credits for several MythArc episodes.