Dan Brown is a thriller author, most famous for the Robert Langdon series. Not to be confused with Creator/DaleBrown or the Dan Brown from Youtube who vlogs, solves Rubik's Cubes, and jumps on pogosticks.

!! Novels written:

* ''Literature/DigitalFortress'' (1998)
* ''Literature/AngelsAndDemons'' (2000)
* ''Literature/DeceptionPoint'' (2001)
* ''Literature/TheDaVinciCode'' (2003)
* ''Literature/TheLostSymbol'' (2009)
* ''[[Literature/DanBrownsInferno Inferno]]'' (2013)
!! Common tropes in his books:

* ArtisticLicenseHistory
* ArtisticLicenseReligion
* BadassBookworm
* ConspiracyKitchenSink
* DanBrowned: A repeat offender, to the point where he has [[DanBrowned/DanBrown his own page]].
* StockCharacters: Most obviously the college students in the Langdon novels.
* StrictlyFormula: Every Brown novel follows the exactly same template:
** All events in the book (except the prologue) take place over the course of 24 hours
** A character is killed off in the prologue by an assassin with a [[RedRightHand distinguishing feature]].
** Before he dies, he or the assassin leaves a enigmatic clue which prompts the responsible governmental agency to ask for the protagonist's help.
** The male protagonist is teamed up with a nubile [[PluckyGirl female]] [[TheWatson sidekick]].
** A shadowy antagonist is set up as the BigBad but will turn out to be a RedHerring.
** The character who is the most friendly and helpful to the protagonist will turn out to be the actual BigBad manipulating everyone behind the scenes.
** The protagonist and his female sidekick race against time through iconic landscapes chasing a series of clues. At the end, there will be confrontations with the assassin and BigBad, one of which will always be intentionally anticlimactic.
** Paradoxically, there will also be extended scenes where everyone sits around to lecture each other on historical minutiae. Any given point stands [[DanBrowned.DanBrown a good 40% chance of being made up]].
** The story will always involve a conspiracy that is much weaker or more mundane than it looks.
** The plot will often spend the first third convincing the public/experts that some strange conspiracy is true. After this has been accomplished, the heroes will discover that the conspiracy is false after all, and then convince everyone that they shouldn't have believed them in the first place.
** The protagonist and the sidekick hook up in the end.
** One of the chapters will always be slightly "odd" as a dramatic/artistic gesture.
!! TropeNamer for:

* DanBrowned