[[caption-width-right:320:[[LampshadedDoubleEntendre Get your mind out of the gutter.]] It's pronounced "deek".]]

'''[=DiC=] Entertainment''' was a production company that started as a subsidiary of Radio-Television UsefulNotes/{{Luxembourg}} in 1971, that would go on to produce many kids' cartoons, especially in the 1980s. Its name is an acronym for '''Diffusion, Information et Communication'''. It was founded by Jean Chalopin. Andy Heyward acquired [=DiC=] in 1986 from Chalopin. He continued to head [=DiC=] until it was acquired by Creator/CookieJarEntertainment in 2008. Heyward is currently the head of Creator/GeniusBrandsInternational, which he bought in 2015.

The company is mostly remembered for its [[VanityPlate closing logos]] that appeared at the very end of its shows. Its most notable was the "Kid in Bed" logo, in which a camera zoomed in above a boy who was sleeping in his bed and through his bedroom window, where the [=DIC=] logo formed outside. A child's voiceover then says the company's name. This closing logo, first used in 1987, went through various variations before being replaced altogether in 2001. More information on this and the other closing logos for [=DIC=] can be found [[http://www.closinglogos.com/page/DiC+Entertainment here]].

[=DiC=] remained an independent studio for much of its days under Heyward's watch, until 1993 when it formed a joint venture with Captial Cities, the then-parent company of the Creator/{{ABC}} network. It became a subsidiary of Creator/{{Disney}} after their takeover of Capital Cities in 1996. Unlike ABC, Disney had little interest with [=DiC=], and sold the studio back to Heyward in 2000. In 2008, the studio was acquired by Creator/CookieJarEntertainment, which itself was acquired by Creator/DHXMedia in 2012. Currently, with certain exceptions, all of [=DiC=]'s programming archive are controlled by DHX.

[=DIC=] worked with Creator/TMSEntertainment early on [[note]]they also worked with other notable animation companies, such as Creator/{{Sunrise}}, Creator/ToeiAnimation, Creator/{{AIC}}, Creator/ProductionReed, Creator/StudioShaft, Creator/HanhoHeungUp, Creator/StudioPierrot, Creator/StudioGallop and Creator/WangFilmProductions during this period[[/note]], switching to studios like Creator/KKCAndDAsia, Creator/HongYing, Creator/{{Saerom}} and Creator/SeiYoung later on as Creator/{{Disney}} and later Creator/WarnerBros were giving TMS more money for their shows. As a result, the higher-quality shows of the company's heyday in TheEighties (including ''WesternAnimation/InspectorGadget'', ''WesternAnimation/JayceAndTheWheeledWarriors'', ''WesternAnimation/{{MASK}}'', ''WesternAnimation/HeathcliffAndTheCatillacCats'', ''WesternAnimation/{{Dinosaucers}}'', and so on) gave way to cheaper cartoons such as the ones based on the ''WesternAnimation/SuperMarioBros'' and ''[[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog Sonic The Hedgehog]]'' video games. It is also infamous among the anime community for its [[CutAndPasteTranslation dub]] of ''Anime/SailorMoon'', although in that case it is often a subject of {{misblame|d}} since the voices, dub script, and most of the editing was done by Optimum Productions.

They also released [[http://cinemassacre.com/2011/04/01/super-mario-bros-super-show-dvd-menu-screen-review/ EasyPlay]] [=DVDs=] in the late '90s distributed by Creator/{{Lionsgate}}, in which you can hear Inspector Gadget deliver [[ForcedTutorial an extremely long and detailed lecture on how to use it]].

!!Notable shows produced by the company include:

* ''WesternAnimation/ActionMan1995''
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog'', ''WesternAnimation/SonicSatAM'' and ''WesternAnimation/SonicUnderground''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTeddyRuxpin'' (co production with Alchemy II and Creator/AtkinsonFilmArts; distributed for syndication by LBS Communications)
* ''Series/{{ALF}}: The Animated Series'' (co production with Alien Productions and Creator/SabanEntertainment)
* ''WesternAnimation/ALFTales'' (co production with Alien Productions and Creator/SabanEntertainment)
* ''WesternAnimation/AlienatorsEvolutionContinues'' (2001-2002) (co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and Creator/{{Dreamworks}} Television)
* Later episodes of ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks'', including the {{Retool}} of Season 8 as ''The Chipmunks Go to the Movies''
* ''WesternAnimation/ArchiesWeirdMysteries''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Battletoads}}'' (pilot only)
* ''WesternAnimation/BeverlyHillsTeens''
* ''WesternAnimation/BillAndTedsExcellentAdventures'' (when Creator/HannaBarbera lost the rights after the first season)
* ''WesternAnimation/BumpInTheNight''
* ''WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster''
* ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'' (The first three seasons only; Co-produced with Turner Program Services)
* ''WesternAnimation/CaptainZedAndTheZeeZone'' (co-produced with Scottish Television and Creator/HITEntertainment)
* ''Franchise/CareBears''
** ''WesternAnimation/CareBears1980s'' (two TV specials and the first season, before losing the rights to Creator/{{Nelvana}}) (with LBS Communications)
** ([=DiC=] later won the rights back, and made the ''Oopsy Does It'' movie and ''Adventures in Care-a-Lot'' series and specials, before losing the rights again, this time to [=MoonScoop=] Entertainment.)
* ''WesternAnimation/AChristmasCarol1997'' (with Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox)
* ''[[VideoGame/{{DanceDanceRevolution}} Dance Revolution]]'' (with ''Creator/GeffenRecords'')
* ''WesternAnimation/DennisTheMenace'' (with UsefulNotes/GeneralMills; yes, ''that'' General Mills)
* ''WesternAnimation/DinoBabies''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Dinosaucers}}'' (co-produced by Creator/ColumbiaPictures Television)
* ''WesternAnimation/DinoSquad''
* The ''WesternAnimation/DoubleDragon'' animated series
* ''WesternAnimation/ExtremeDinosaurs''
* ''WesternAnimation/GadgetAndTheGadgetinis''
* ''WesternAnimation/GadgetBoyAndHeather''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheGetAlongGang''
* ''WesternAnimation/GIJoeARealAmericanHero'' (a continuation made after Sunbow lost the rights to the series that lasted two seasons)
* ''WesternAnimation/GrooveSquad''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Hammerman}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/HeathcliffAndTheCatillacCats'' (with LBS Communications)
* ''WesternAnimation/HelloKittysFurryTaleTheater'' (Co-produced with Creator/{{MGM}})
* ''[[Film/ErnestPWorrell Hey Vern, It's Ernest!]]''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Horseland}}''
* ''WesternAnimation/HulkHogansRockNWrestling'' (co-produced with the [[Wrestling/{{WWE}} WWF]])
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Hurricanes}}'' (Co-produced with Siriol Productions and Scottish Television)
* ''WesternAnimation/InspectorGadget'' (with LBS Communications; first season co-produced with Creator/{{Nelvana}})
* ''WesternAnimation/JayceAndTheWheeledWarriors'' (with LBS Communications)
* ''The Karate Kid'' (co-produced with Creator/ColumbiaPictures Television)
* ''WesternAnimation/KiddVideo'' (Co-Produced with Creator/SabanEntertainment)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Kissyfur}}'' (co-produced with Creator/{{NBC}})
* ''WesternAnimation/LadyLovelyLocks'' (with LBS Communications)
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfZelda''
* ''WesternAnimation/LibertysKids'' (including the CD-ROM title of the same name)
* ''Literature/TheLittles'' (co-produced with Creator/{{ABC}})
* ''WesternAnimation/{{MASK}}'' (with LBS Communications)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Madeline}}'' (Co-Producers with Creator/{{CINAR}} for the 1988-1992 specials, Producers of the TV series and subsequent specials)
* ''WesternAnimation/MaryKateAndAshleyInAction''
* ''WesternAnimation/MaxiesWorld''
* ''WesternAnimation/MummiesAlive''
* ''Anime/TheMysteriousCitiesOfGold''
* ''WesternAnimation/NewKidsOnTheBlock'' (starring the BoyBand [[Music/NewKidsOnTheBlock of the same name]])
* ''WesternAnimation/PolePosition''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Popples}}'' (with LBS Communications)
* ''WesternAnimation/ProStars''
* ''WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite'' (both the series and TheMovie ''Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer'', the latter distributed by Creator/WarnerBros)
* ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'' (co-produced by Creator/ColumbiaPictures Television)
* ''WesternAnimation/SabrinaTheAnimatedSeries'', and it's spin-off, ''Sabrina's Secret Life''
* ''Manga/SailorMoon'' - The 1995 English dub of the 1992 series (first two seasons only) (Now licensed by Creator/VizMedia, who are re-dubbing it from scratch)
* ''WesternAnimation/SherlockHolmesInTheTwentySecondCentury''
* ''Anime/SpeedRacerX'' (first thirteen episodes only due to the [[ScrewedByTheLawyers lawsuit]] with Speed Racer Enterprises.)
* ''WesternAnimation/StargateInfinity'' (with Creator/{{MGM}})
* ''WesternAnimation/StrawberryShortcake'' (the 2003 relaunch, The Sweet Dreams Movie (with Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox), and the 2007 redesign episodes, before losing the rights to [=MoonScoop=] Entertainment, whom they sold the rights to ''Creator/DHXMedia'' twice)
* The ''Knights of the Zodiac'' dub of ''Manga/SaintSeiya''
* ''WesternAnimation/StreetSharks''
* ''WesternAnimation/SuperDuperSumos''
* ''Series/SuperhumanSamuraiSyberSquad'' (A ''Franchise/PowerRangers''-style ImportationExpansion of the {{Toku}} series ''Series/DenkouChoujinGridman'')
* ''[[WesternAnimation/SuperMarioBros The Super Mario Bros. Super Show]]'' (and its sequels)
* ''Sylvanian Families''
* ''Series/TattooedTeenageAlienFightersFromBeverlyHills'' (Yes, ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' fans, this ''is'' a thing.)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Trollz}}''
* ''Anime/{{Ulysses 31}}''
* ''Literature/WhatAMess'' (the American version produced for Creator/{{ABC}} in 1995, adapted from the original UK series created by Frank Muir)
* ''WesternAnimation/WhereOnEarthIsCarmenSandiego''
* ''[[Literature/WheresWally Where's Waldo?]]''
* ''Wish Kid'' (starring Macaulay Culkin)
* ''WesternAnimation/TheWizardOfOz'' (co-produced by Turner Program Services)
* ''Series/ZoobileeZoo''

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