Creation Records was an independent record label from the UK, founded in 1983 and disbanded in 2000, which served as one of the key labels in the AlternativeRock scene of the UK during TheEighties and TheNineties.

The label was formed by Alan [=McGee=] with second-in-command Dick Green and producer Joe Foster, and named after one of [=McGee=]'s favourite bands, The Creation. Its initial purpose was to serve as an outlet for like-minded musicians and bands, in opposition to the "manufactured" SynthPop that was so popular at the time. Funded with a £1,000 loan, the label put out its first single, "73 in 83" by The Legend! (a pseudonym for journalist Jerry "Everett True" Thackray), and soon scored a distribution deal with Rough Trade Records.

Creation established itself nearly from the start as an important label for AlternativeRock, with signings such as Music/TheJesusAndMaryChain (who left for Creator/WarnerBrosRecords in 1985), Music/PrimalScream, Music/{{Felt}}, and The Weather Prophets. After a disastrous attempt by [=McGee=] to run a Warner Bros. subsidiary named Elevation, the label regrouped in the late eighties, proceeding to swallow numerous {{Shoegazing}} bands such as Music/MyBloodyValentine, Music/{{Ride}}, Music/{{Slowdive}} and Swervedriver, while keeping Music/PrimalScream aboard and signing Music/TeenageFanclub and The Boo Radleys.

Thanks to this roster and [=McGee=]'s media talent, Creation Records became one of the most critically acclaimed labels in the UK. Unfortunately, all the raves their releases earned only translated into at best mediocre commercial success. Already burdened with debts and [=McGee=]'s drug abuse, one band was famously blamed for driving the final nail into the label's coffin: Music/MyBloodyValentine and their costly two-year recording of ''Music/{{Loveless}}''. While they've always denied spending £250,000 on their TroubledProduction, the label was in such dire straits by now that [=McGee=] was forced to sell half the company to Creator/SonyMusicEntertainment. While Sony's tenure led to the signing of Music/{{Oasis}} and subsequent success, [=McGee=] has always claimed that the sale ended "the ''real'' Creation" by bringing in major-label accountants and marketing managers.

The label's dissolution was announced in late 1999, and its last release was Primal Scream's ''XTRMNTR''. [=McGee=] moved on to his next label Poptones (which popularised Music/TheHives but also folded in 2007), while Foster continued to focus on Rev-Ola Records. A documentary about the label, ''Upside Down'', premiered in October 2010.
!Creation Records artists include:

* Biff Bang Pow!
* Music/TheBooRadleys
* Music/TheCramps
* Music/DexysMidnightRunners
* Music/{{Felt}}
* The House of Love
* Music/TheJesusAndMaryChain
* Music/MyBloodyValentine
** 1991 - ''Music/{{Loveless}}''
* Music/{{Oasis}}
* Music/PrimalScream
* Music/{{Ride}}
* Music/SaintEtienne
* Music/{{Slowdive}}
* Super Furry Animals
* Swervedriver
* Music/TeenageFanclub
* The Telescopes
* Velvet Crush