Actor, talk show host, comedian, author.

Craig Ferguson (May 17, 1962-) is the current host of ''TheLateLateShow'' on Creator/{{CBS}} and the author of the books ''American on Purpose'' and ''Between the Bridge and the River''. He has appeared in ''Saving Grace'', ''TheBigTease'', ''I'll Be There'', and ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon''. Besides his current post behind (and in front of, and sometimes on top of) the desk of ''The Late Late Show'', he is best known as DrewCarey's evil boss Mr. Wick on ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow''. He also voiced animated characters such as Nos-4-A2 in ''WesternAnimation/BuzzLightyearOfStarCommand'', Owl in the 2011 ''Disney/WinnieThePooh'' animated feature, and Lord Macintosh in ''WesternAnimation/{{Brave}}''.

Craig was born in UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}, and thus began his career in the UK doing stand-up comedy under the name Bing Hitler. (He is now a naturalized American citizen, and self-identifies as American rather than Scottish or British.) In a "HeyItsThatGuy" moment, he was in an early episode of ''Series/RedDwarf'' in 1988 ("Confidence and Paranoia") as Confidence, who killed himself by trying to breathe in space. He also appeared on the UK panel game ''HaveIGotNewsForYou'' and the American game ''Million-Dollar Series/{{Password}}''.

Besides having a bit of a love affair with the Series/MythBusters (Grant Imahara built him a robot skeleton sidekick), Craig was the 2010 host of ''Shark Week'' for the DiscoveryChannel. [[OneOfUs He's also a bit of a]] ''Series/DoctorWho'' fan, and a toy TARDIS has been prominently displayed on his show's desk for several years. Fittingly enough he is also a lifelong friend and former bandmate of Creator/PeterCapaldi. He shares great chemistry with Creator/KristenBell, to the point where she's made so many appearances on his show she's openly lobbied to become co-host. He has also hosted the Boston Pops' Fourth of July show for the past three years.

He has also done three comedy specials: ''A Wee Bit O'Revolution'' for Comedy Central in 2009, ''Does This Need To Be Said?'' for {{HBO}} in 2011, and his latest special, ''I'm Here To Help'', debuted as an Netflix exclusive in 2013 (all have since been released on DVD).

You can also [[http://twitter.com/#!/CraigyFerg follow him]] on {{Twitter}}.